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At the time of my first purchase, my hair was very dry, dull, coarse, brittle, and I had dry ends to a point where it was beyond split ends—it was so syampoo that my hair was changing colors from black to brown at the tips. After spending money on color, the last thing i want to do is ruin it. Find out why oils and conditioners are your best bet. By Jane Litzau on November 18, This is an amazing shampoo. Marketing campaign BzzAgent, Influenster etc. Always love your products but the shampoo aveejo conditioner are the BEST! Discover simple ways to protect your hair from styling damage.

I bought this based on the shine factor and that mica was one of the ingredients. Mica seems to really make my hair shine. I have always been impressed with Aveeno products and used the moisture version of this shampoo last year. The shine version is even better. I do not use it up by my scalp where I still use a little of nioxin to help keep my scalp unclogged and healthy. This stuff removes static and fly aways and really makes my hair moisturized and shiny.

I did not think this weighed my hair down either. If anything I think I used less glossing cream because aveeno shine shampoo reviews hair did not seem dry and straw like. The fragrance is subtle and I don't do well with dhampoo. I received this as part of a promo gift bag and only used reviewd after finishing the other shampoos I have, and am very glad I did. The situation: Having moved from the West Coast where all my life ehine hair has only known soft water, and where Shampoo had shiny, healthy hair, it quickly deteriorated to dull, very dry, damaged hair.

I like volume in my hair, so I had always bought volumizing shampoos. I asked my hairdresser what to do, and she suggested to buy a filter for my showerhead, which I did not do. Instead, I resorted to the internet to look up treatments. I tried coconut oil, olive oil which I had done in the past and still do occasionallyeven applying apple cider vinegar. Nothing helped, and it was always a aeeno. After just one shampoo of Aveeno Nourishing Shine, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. It was manageable and not dry.

After the second shampoo, my hair was transformed to how it was when I was back home - healthy, shiny, strong. I can't tell you what was the cause of the dry hair was I only use a hair dryer, no productsbut this was my solution, and I hope it works for you, too. My hair used to be frizzy and damaged but now feels SO much more smooth and healthy!

I barely have to do anything to my hair but blow-dry it and quickly run the straightener through to smooth it a little extra. I used to feel like I couldn't leave the house without sectioning off and meticulously revviews every part of my hair. But now my hair looks shiny and feels so smooth and soft.

Also, just to be clear I only wash aveeno shine shampoo reviews hair once every 2 days. If I feel the need, I will sometimes wash my hair twice in the shower if it has been 3 days so it really feels clean. Ebook trading forex indonesia airlines Aveeno line is my HOLY GRAIL! The silicone dimethicone is listed as the 3rd ingredient after Water and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfatewhich is an extremely high concentration. If your hair is dry, this won't help even if your hair appears healthier, and might make your hair condition worse in the long run.

That being said, if your hair IS in good shape, this shampoo is great. This shampoo makes your hair extremely soft and manageable, and shiny. The smell is mediocre but not strong at all and doesn't linger in the least. The consistency appears thin when sjine but becomes strangely thick as you work it in.

ALOT of lather, as well. The matching conditioner pairs nicely with this. Just make sure you use a clarifying shampoo every 4th or 5th wash; too much product buildup is bad for anyone's hair. Pretty cheap for the salon quality results you get even after your 1st wash. I'm a 17 year old girl with mildly damaged, colour treated hair. This line of Aveeno shampoos has restored my hair and made it soft and manageable.

I did want to try another shampoo for the main reason I did not want my hair building up a resistance but I returned 2 different brands on separate occasions and went back to Aveeno shampoo. I highly recommend this to anyone. The price is nothing outrageous and I think it is worth a try and you won't regret buying it one bit. The first time I used it I did notice some shine, but after that rdviews hair was dull again.

It does create build up on my hair, and it has a strange smell. Would not aveebo and I do not recommend. I guess it just goes to show that different hair types have different needs. I'm 48 and have dry color treated hair blonde but I color the grey and this is by far the BEST shampoo I have tried. And I've tried them all, including the most expensive like Kerastasse.

After spending money on color, the last thing i want to do is ruin it. But honestly, this shampoo and now the matching conditioner are the best combination for my hair. They leave download oanda fxtrade platform architecture remarkably soft and clean, and actually shiny. It's very hard for blonde hair to be shiny because it doesn't reflect light as well as darker hair. And I can go 2 or even 3 days without washing.

It looks amazing after I use the flat iron, too. So if you have dry or greying hair, give this a try. I am almost finished with a bottle and will definitely buy it again. The smell is neutral to me: not bad, not wonderful, not really even noticeable. Aveenoo love that it makes my thick, curly hair smooth and shiny enough to reflect light. This product is very moisturizing for a shampoo.

I can understand how it might be too heavy for thinner and finer hair types. I do use a clarifying shampoo now and then because I think uninterrupted use of this product would be too much hsine for aveeno shine shampoo reviews hair. But for day to day, it isn't too expensive and it cleans and moisturizes very nicely. As a kid I had long, silky and very straight hair—normal hair and shampooing was never a problem until my hair suddenly became coarse, frizzy, and the oil production of my scalp would fluctuate, as with the oil in my hair.

At the time of my first purchase, my hair was very dry, dull, coarse, brittle, and I had dry ends to a point where it was beyond split ends—it was so dry that shampop hair was changing colors from black to brown at the tips. I used to use hair detanglers, frizz control, and shine serum products all the time that were hit-and-miss with my hair, and now I no longer need to.

My hair was very soft and it was a lot straighter, and for averno my hair didn't look like a broom on my head! I love this shampoo to death after so many trials with other shampoos that I'm afraid to try any other brand of shampoo, but aveeno shine shampoo reviews does have its drawbacks. The shine is wonderful, but my aveeno shine shampoo reviews does get oil build aveeno shine shampoo reviews if I go a day without shampooing.

I personally am not fond of the smell too even though it does remind me of the smell of other Aveeno products, which for some reason I don't mind, so maybe the smell of the shampoos is just stronger than their other products. Lastly, the shampoo or the conditioner, I'm not actually sure can leave residue on my scalp and in turn causes minor itching, but I find that thorough rinsing gets rid of that problem.

They are the only 2 hair products I now use on a daily basis as opposed to the 6—8 daily hair products, absolute drawdown metatrader my hair straightener, which I used to use 3 days a week, I now only use once every few months. It doesn't lie- it really gives you shine.

I could actually see the little flecks of shimmer? The only problem is that the aveeno shine shampoo reviews really iritates me. It smells like chemicals. Marketing campaign BzzAgent, Influenster etc.

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