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And through this book's companion CD-ROM, you'll be virtually transported to Rahgee's trading desk where she'll fore you—by illustrating actual, real-time trades and techniques—how to put what you've learned to work. Additional platforms include mobile platforms to execute trades on the go and virtual platforms to test strategies without risking money. Beat the Forex Dealer: An Insider's Look into Trading Today's Foreign Exchange Market. As well as being part of Soros' famous Black Wednesday trade, Mr Druckenmiller boasted an incredible record of successive years of double-digit gains with Duquesne before retiring. How To: Portfolio Builder. Toll-Free:

How To: Rotation-Momentum Tool. How To: Portfolio Rotation. How To: Adaptive Asset Allocation Tool. How To: Portfolio Builder. How To: Portfolio Moving Average. How To: Portfolio Channel. How To: Moving Average. How To: Channel Crossover. How To: Volatility Target. How To: Retirement Tools. How To: Total Returns. How To: Rolling Research. How To: Strategy of Strategy.

How To: Description of Calculations. Professional Quality data is available to subscribers, as well as data going back as far as for long term backtests using any of our tools. Our tools our the most powerful in the business, processing more than 20x the information of most tools! We process daily data to give you day by day results and drawdown numbers, as well as advanced calculations such as the Sharpe Ratio and Mean Reversion.

Our advanced tools let you test ideas you never thought possible! Backtest your ideas on almost any stock, ETF, and mutual fund. Save and reload your complex settings with ease! Professional data-feeds are available to all customers. With professional quality data stretching back more than 30 years on US stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, backtests use the most accurate data for reliable results. Long Term Historical data-feeds are available to all customers. Data goes back to as far asand is available in all of our backtesting tools.

We have tools that allow users to test Rotation Strategies, adaptive asset allocation strategies, portfolio best book for forex trader x forex averages, volatility targeting, portfolio timing, and many other strategies! Utilize ranking methods including Momentum, Volatility, Sharpe Ratio, Mean Reversion, and the Information Ratio. All tools run Monte Carlo simulations on all results to allow users to check robustness and simulate future earnings. Easily visualize the performance of your strategies with HTML5 graphs that are fully interactive and zoom, showing performance and drawdown, as well as modern performance and trade tables.

Export and share all your charts and settings with fully interactive HTML reports. Don't like our output? A FEW OF THE IDEAS YOU CAN TEST. This strategy rotates between SPY, MDY, and TLT tickers. This strategy best book for forex trader x forex a very simple rotation between 2 stock ETFs and 1 bond ETF to show the power of simply rotating out of stocks when they are weak and into bonds.

This strategy is the classic sector rotation strategy that allows investing in the top 2 sectors each month and goes into bonds when sectors are performing poorly. Additionally this strategy weights the top 2 with asset allocation instead of strictly equally. Alternatively using a cash filter reduces volatility slightly but also slightly reduces returns. Each month determine which portfolio has performed the best over the past 3 months based on momentum and Sharpe ratio, then invest in the winning portfolio of the 4 portfolios.

With our Portfolio Tools you can! When any of these funds drop below their Day moving average, we will invest in an intermediate term treasury bond fund IEF. Strategies presented anywhere on this site are ideas only, and only for education. This is not investment advice, or suggested financial information. TOOLS AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS.

The Portfolio Timing Tool allows users to enter a list of symbols and corresponding weightings to construct a standard 'Buy and Hold' portfolio, just like the Portfolio Rebalancing Tool. Then it will apply a moving average to each fund in the portfolio, if that fund falls below the moving average it will instead invest the cash filter fund setup in the tool. When the stock fund crosses below the moving average specified the back tester will invest in the cash fund specified.

Users can customize the stock and cash fund to invest in, the moving average type and length, and the frequency at which the moving average condition is option call put graph results. The Channels Tool does the same thing as the Moving Average Tool but allows users to define an upper and lower moving average channel to prevent investing and de-investing too early.

For example you may decide you would like to be long a certain stock or bond fund, but would not like to be fully long that fund when the market volatility increases, this tool allows the position to be scaled down when volatility is above the threshold, thus targeting the volatility level you decide. Also you have the option to invest in a cash fund when the volatility tool de-invests in the main stock fund. Inputs include annual return, inflation, investment volatility, current account size, and monthly savings.

Also see how investment advisor fees affect results. This tool helps you understand the possibilities of how your savings and investments for retirement might turn out, it is distinct from a calculator in that it runs backtests and gives you a range of possibilities for how your investments may turn out. The Retirement Withdraw Tool allows users to simulate the withdraws you would make during retirement, and determine how likely your money is to last in retirement using Monte Carlo methods.

Inputs include annual return, inflation, investment volatility, current account size, and monthly withdraws. The Total Return Tool is provided to allow users a way to quickly see the affect dividends and other cash distributions have on the total return of a given fund. A fund ticker is entered as well as a date range and a comparison plot and performance metric is displayed that shows the results of price only return and the total return including dividends.

The Ratio and Correlation Tool allows the user to enter 2 tickers. The tool will then calculate the ratio of those 2 tickers, and the correlation between those 2 tickers. The Rolling Returns and Volatility Tool is designed to show users the total returns, rolling returns, rolling volatility and rolling returns divided by volatility. This tool is intended as a research tool to give you insight into how a specific stock, ETF or mutual fund is performing. The Strategy of Strategy Tools are tools that allow users to upload backtests from any of other other tools and create a strategy of strategies.

The Portfolio Moving Average tool allows users to upload a 'stock' and a 'cash' portfolio, when the 'stock' portfolio's equity curve is below the defined moving average, the 'cash' portfolio is invested in instead of the 'stock' portfolio. The Portfolio Rotation and Adaptive Asset Allocation Tool allows users to upload up to 10 strategies equity curves from other apps and rotate or apply adaptive asset allocation to these strategies, so you can determine when and how much each strategy gets invested in.

The settings on this tool are the same as our Advanced Rotation Tool. All tools are available on RotationInvest. Notice: Your use of this site RotationInvest. Any strategies shown including but not limited to the pre-built strategies are only used to highlight what is possible using these tools. Free Demo Rotation Tool With Historical Data and Monte Carlo Simulation Built In. Start a Free Trial. Portfolio Rotation Investment Tool.

Learn More about How the Rotation Tools Works. Learn More about How the PORTFOLIO Rotation Tool Works. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THE PORTFOLIO MOVING AVERAGE TOOL WORKS. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THE PORTFOLIO CHANNELS TOOL WORKS. Learn More About How the Moving Average Crossover and Channel Crossover Tools work. Learn More About How the Volatility Target Tools Work. Learn More About How the total Returns vs. Price Returns Tool Works. Learn More About How the Ratio and Correlation Tool Works.

Strategy of Strategy Tools - Combine Tool. Learn more about how the Rolling Returns and Volatility Research Tool Works. Manage Your Account or Unsubscribe.

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AT TD Ameritrade Institutional Your Success is Our Business. Top three most successful Forex and to look at some of the most successful Forex traders in carve his reputation as the best Forex trader in the. Free Video Gives You My Favorite Day Trading Strategy You Can Use Now.

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