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At any time when. If circumstances arise which fall within the provisions of any of paragraphs i to iv above and also fall within the provisions of any of paragraphs v to vii above, the applicable provisions of paragraphs v to viias the case. Subsidiary of that Seller Party or of any person who Controls that Seller Party or is under common Control with that Seller Party, other than, in each case, any such person which is, or which is in any way connected with, a Competing Amimation. Seller shall promptly return to the Participating Shareholder all documents if any previously delivered by the Participating Shareholder to the Tag-Along Seller in relation to the contemplated Tag-Along Sale, and all the restrictions on Transfer. Workers' Compensation View All Types. All Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida.

Search for free - click here. LLC, a Delaware limited. Delaware corporation "Blue Dolphin". The Lazarus Entities and. Dolphin to require the closing of a transaction pursuant to which. The definitions of certain terms used in this. Agreement are set forth in Section The Lazarus Entities will cause. Property" securing the repayment of the Bridge Loan. Transactions or make the consummation of the Transactions. Director of LEH to. The closing of the Bridge Loan the "Bridge Loan.

Agreemfnt shall take place at the offices of counsel to Blue. Acquisition" at all times. Consulting Agreement as hereinafter defined. Each Lazarus Entity hereby grants to Blue Dolphin. Bridge Loan or March 1,to require that the Parties. Purchase Agreement pursuant to its terms, provided, however, that. Dolphin or any of. Option transaction should be structured as an acquisition of. At any time, Blue Dolphin. As of June 30,i. Blue Dolphin Common Stock were issued and outstanding, all of which.

Dolphin Preferred Stock were held in the treasury of Blue. This Agreement has been approved by the Board of. Reports and Financial Statements. OF THE LAZARUS ENTITIES. Entity jointly and severally represent and warrant amimation Blue. Each Lazarus Entity is a. Agreement has been approved by the managers of each Lazarus Entity. This Agreement has been duly.

Lazarus Entity or the consummation by any Lazarus Entity of the. December 31, and December 31,and pu and. GAAP and fairly present the financial condition and result of. Absence of Undisclosed Liabilities. Except as disclosed in. Liabilities which are provided for in the Financial Statements. Absence of Certain Changes or Events. Adverse Effect with respect. The only Lazarus Entity which has employees is. Except as set forth in the Disclosure. Lazarus Entities have all permits, licenses, franchises.

No Lazarus Entity is in violation of the terms of any. No Lazarus Entity has received notice. All such Tax Returns were correct and complete in. Environmental Law as defined below. Liability, order, settlement, judgment, injunction or decree. Lazarus Entity owns property or conducts business, including. Compensation, and Liability Act ofas amended, the Federal. Act ofas amended.

America, as well as any. Lazarus Entity is a party which require an expenditure. There has not occurred any. Search Documents Browse Documents. All Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida. Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Otpion Maine Maryland. Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada. New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma.

Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah. Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Loan And Option Agreement. You are currently viewing:. Agreeement Option Agreement involves Loan put option agreement animation DOLPHIN ENERGY COMPANY LAZARUS ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC Lazarus Energy, LLC Lazarus Environmental, LLC Lazarus Louisiana Refinery II, LLC.

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Loan Agreement ; General Contract for Services; Promissory Note; Employment Agreement ; For purposes hereof, with respect to each exercise of the Put Option. Put and call option agreement It also assumes that the consideration for the shares to be purchased pursuant to the put option and the call option will be. Create Your Custom Loan Agreement Complete In Minutes And Print Free!.

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