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Do post your query to Principal MF. Maintenance margin A set minimum margin per outstanding futures contract that a customer must maintain in their margin account. Accessed July 2, Retrieved 8 February If coffee is trading at 84, we can buy 1 coffee call and write 2 calls with the same expiration dates and 30 days of time until expiration. The clearing house becomes the buyer to each seller, and the seller to each Buyer, futurse that in the event of a counterparty default the clearer assumes the risk of loss.

Complex debt instruments with structures and pricing that are known to relatively few participants. Auction futtures securities are an example of an esoteric debt vehicle. Leading up to the Financial Crisis ofcredit was flowing detinition freely that many companies were creating innovative and imaginative esoteric debt instruments to try to suit investor needs and make money. The result was many odd debt structures that fell apart when credit seized up and few people knew how they should be valued.

Ttading these complicated instruments may be more attractive than plain vanilla debt in good times, they can present immense problems when the credit markets tighten. Term Of The Day A regulation implemented on Jan. Investing in an HSA. John Bogle on Starting World's First Index Fund. Financial Advisors Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education.

BREAKING DOWN 'Esoteric Debt'. Debt Exchangeable for Common Stock

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Election play in gold options. esoteric finance. Futures talks to pension fund manager Lee Partridge about his trading philosophy and approach to asset allocation. Trade Futures on thinkorswim. No Hidden Fees or Trade Mins! thinkorswim is an advanced platform—and so much more. It's your Fair & Objective Research · 24/7 Customer Service Online Trading Platform, Trading Software | thinkorswim. Futures Trading definition for beginners, Today, there are more than 90 futures and futures options exchanges worldwide trading to include.

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