Metatrader back testing kits

No Martingale, No Grid. Market Sentiment and Sentiment Indicators. It draws a vertical line through the first bar the calculation starts from. This one had me drooling. Forex Tester - Looks like an external app that mimics MT4. HTML code is Off.

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Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Join Date Jan What's your manual backtesting solution in Metatrader 4?. I would like to find a solution for testing manual trading strategies. I would like to know what you guys do for backtesting, if you've found any good solutions. By the way, I hope you like the pretty font colors I chose. What I'm doing now sucks. Until now, I've been backtesting strategies by scrolling way back in the history, choosing a point where I would have entered the market, seeing when imaginary stop loss and take profit points would be reached, then calculating profit and loss manually.

The obvious problems with this method are mainly that it's time consuming, inaccurate, and too easy to accidentally see forward data. I've been looking for solutions to backtest manually. The user interface would preferably be intuitive, using it should be straight forward. Not sure if an EA within MT4 would be preferable to an external app. I imagine it would, as with an external app, you probably wouldn't have access to your custom settings in MT4. I imagine it would be nicer to have everything in MT4.

Metatrader back testing kits found four solutions so far. I haven't installed any of them, yet. I'll put them below in case some fellow newbies might find it useful. If you've tried any of them, let me know what you think. VHandsTrade - It's an EA. The instructions are incredibly hard to understand. It looks complicated to install. From the screen shots, the interface doesn't look intuitive, and possibly in Russian.

Not sure if how hard it is to use. Testing Visualization: Manual Trading - MQL4 Articles. LFH Trade Simulator - It's an EA. Seems pretty easy to use. I'm leaning towards choosing this one. Simple Forex Tester - It's an EA. This one had me drooling. No free trial, but a 60 day money back guarantee. The sales page is all large bold fonts, cheap marketing tactics, and annoying, which usually triggers my mental red flags, but the youtube videos he made are excellent. I'll consider this in the future.

Forex Tester - Looks like an external app that mimics MT4. Looks friendly to metatrader 5 spread indicator games. Not sure I would want an external app, but it seems to have good features. Forex Tester - professional forex training software, simulator and backtester. What works for you? I would really like to know what you guys do for manual backtesting.

Which is better, and EA within MT4, or an external app? Join Date Aug I bought Simple Forex Tester and sadly I can't activate the software. Emailed the guy thousands of times and no reply. So I've put in a request for my money back through Clickbank fortunately. I would like to know how you are faring with the LFH trade simulator if you decide to go for it. For me I am contemplating Forex Tester. Join Date Feb Location Wales is beautiful metatrader back testing kits.

Backtesting is of limited value so don't get hung up about it, trading in backtesting is totally different to live trading, it's handy to get an idea if the strategy you intend to use is worth persevering with, but eyeing it up is just as good really. Join Date Oct I ususally use Strat tester in MT4, use an EA or some sort, and choose your TF and hit start, just slow it down, and go from there. Write your trades down on paper, and see what happens.

BUT, there is alot of ticks missing, and its really not reliable. So really, Im not even sure why MT4 gives you the option to even backtest. I Have alink I was given to get true tick history, but in the end, for me, Its not a backtestable strat. By far, the best, is to paper trade in live action Just took a look at the LFH Sim, and it looks interesting, but not sure if I can use my Indicator on it, because I know I cant use it on the Strat tester, Its not nessasary, but it'd be alot cooler if ya did.

Im going to try to load all this up metatrader back testing kits now, Im curious to test this out Ok, Im using it right now, everything seems fine, my indi dont work, but thats not a problem, My Strat is based off 1H TF, so it takes about 44 seconds a bar. I ended up trying LHM Trade Simulator. Had a couple goes at it, but I've had computer problems, preventing me from testing further. Hence, the late reply. One thing that bugs me about LHM is the speed. You can choose speeds between 1 and In 1H, 31 and under is too slow, the bars go by about 1 per minute.

With LHM, it's easier to set up orders with SL and TP. Usually in MT4 you have to place metatrader back testing kits market order, then go back and edit it, and probably calculate the values manually. With LHM, just choose how many pips above and below you want your SL and TP, no need to go back and edit the order to do it. Wish MT4 did it like that. I'm not even going to try the other free one VHandsTrade.

Just looks too complicated. LHM will be good enough for now. I'm sorry to hear about Simple Forex Tester not working out. Hopefully you can get your money back. I thought I might buy this one in the future, but now I doubt it. I'm glad you let me know. Please let us know if they end up sorting it out for you. I wish backtesting was more reliable then. So perhaps the best way to use backtesting is to get a good idea on how a strategy would work, then forward test with a demo account.

The link you gave is actually for LFH Trade Simulator. I've seen it linked to a lot on forums, but metatrader back testing kits by many different names. It seems to be made by LearnForexHome. But why is backtesting not reliable? Is it just that the historical data doesn't have every tick? So how detailed does the data go? Is it just at most 1M open, close, high and lows?

Originally Posted by RainMan. Join Date Jul Location In the Market. I use Forex tester 2 its pretty good metatrader back testing kits i really like it. Its powerful it gives you plenty of pairs. Sure it builds confidence as well as gives you reliable data to at least step foot into the demo or live arena. I wouldn't have anyone go live if they didn't back test. Sure just cause you did well in a back test doesn't mean you will do well live. Join Date Apr Thanks for good informative thread.

I logged in to share my view as it might be helpful to some of you. I'm also having issues with the speed- its not fast enough- when the sw just comes up im getting 1 min worth of data for every 1 sec but when adding up several indicators it becomes slower approx 2 times slower. I've emailed the Vendor's support but haven't got reply for several days now, so if I can't find solution I will return it for a refund. Other than that the sw seems to do its task.

I've also tried the LHM and it had more or less the same speed so likely it relates more to my pc performance so I tried several tweaks but still same result- hope to get help from support. It seems that this sw is also doing the intended and its free. On the other hand I didn't put too much time checking it with this sw you can also load your indicators on the chart as normal.

Fores Tester seems good and I understand it provides a step by click option and this is what i need but it is not an MT4 plug-in so haven't considered purchasing at the moment. If anyone knows additional products I will be glad to know. I had another thought for back testing directly on the MT4 platform using the F12 step by step click function built in into MT4. Supposing I can hide a part of my screen from seeing the next price action movements. The only thing Im missing is automatic journaling, i.

Such automatic journaling gives you better and more effective learning environment than taking paper trades. Help with this will be appreciated as well. Candlesticks, Chart Patterns, and Price Action. Free Forex Trading Systems. Expert Advisors and Automated Trading. Commodities Oil and Gold. Bonds and Interest Rates. What is your favorite financial book? By kangi in forum Beginner Questions. Last Post:AM. By ready in forum Economics.

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Backtest en Metatrader 4 al 99%

Back Testing With MetaTrader. Before you jump in and start trading with your automated trading system, it is advisable that you spend some time evaluating your. Apr 21,  · Demonstrates how to back - test with Metatrader and get 99% modelling with quality historical tick data using Tickstory. May 08,  · If you want to back - test in time FUNCTIONAL testing. - For BACKTESTING to have any /09/29/set-up- metatrader -history-data-get backtesting.

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