Best waves plugins for female vocals

The Beatles did it, and now you can too. My Favorite Uses for the L-1 Limiter:. Used everywhere from film sound design and post-production to chart hits, it should obviously be used sparingly and with caution — and ideally only in a decent listening environment to really gauge the changes, as it would be easy to overdo the bwst. Remember that Waves is just one company that offers great tools for mixing. We do this through articles, profiles of the best tools and resources available for music production, and mostly through our Ultimate Guides Series. And your simple, strategic way to explain helped me a lot. Most, if not all of them, have a very limited amount of controls, which really talks to my mixing style.

I am in dire need of some vocal effects mostly for rap but singing as well,so i was just wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions ,thanks! After half a zillion hours of trying everything on my vocals, I've come to the conclusion that I can't beat:. Eoisis De-esser amazingly flexible and effective at BEGINNING of chain.

Waves CLA 76 Black at doing under 3db gr. PSP Classic Q doing gentle dip in low shelf and adding slightest air at 11k. I have found this is my best chain for male pop vocals and male rap vocals. I've tried many choruses and don't really like any of them, though if I had to choose one, I suppose I'd go with the Nomad Factory. Autotune: Better sound quality than Melodyne Vocalign: Holy schnikes is it EASY to use Waves vocal rider: NEVER gets me all the way there And I've tried LOTS of other plugs like:.

PSP vintage warmer: great tool for distortion PSP OldTimer: very transparent Waves ssl eq's: Good quality, but doesn't have same quality for adding air. Abbey Road eq: Excellent quality, and extremely transparent on high end It may actually be due to distortion, but it sounds good. I just haven't found it's niche yet. Softube cl1b I want to like it Softube eq's: Didn't work with enough for real opinion URS comps and eq's: Nothing special.

Didn't spend much time with. Apulsoft eq: Great surgical tool My Studio 2 Reviews written. Lately, my lead vocal chain ITB looks something like this: Waves SSL E channel. The Glue: ratio, 1ms attack, ms release, up to 10dB of gain reduction at the loudest peaks. Softube CL1b: Ratio at 10 o'clock, attack at 9 o'clock and release at 11 o'clock. Shaping the sound of the vocal a little bit, most of the time I end up boosting 2 or 4dB at 5Khz, to give it some more presence, and a 2 or 4dB boost around 10 or Softube Trident-A for female vocals Somehow, I often end up with the Trident-A when I'm mixing a female vocal.

It's probably because you start to get familiar with a certain kind of plugin for a specific task. Most of the time it sounds great with just a 1 to 3dB of boost at hz, 5khz and 12khz. But like always, it depends on the type of song, the vocal, the type of mic used. I have some send FX delay and reverb I add to taste. Originally Posted by CallMeAl [.

Originally Posted by Marando It's funny how you prefer Autotune over Melodyne. When comparing two vocal lines, the melodyne version of the lead vocal sounded like there whas not pitchtune correction going on, it just sounded like the singer whas singing great, while autotune whas more present, you could hear the correction it whas doing to the vocal. Funny thing is, it reminded me like the sound you hear so much on the radio lately. But if the newest autotune version indeed improved a lot, I should check it out!!

My Studio 2 Reviews written Quote:. Originally Posted by CallMeAl I actually prefer almost everything about Melodyne Since I'm always trying to ADD a bit of sparkle, this turns out to be a deal breaker for me. I've tried the trident maybe a half dozen times, and I just can't seem to find the right time or place for it I know a lot of people swear by it I guess I just haven't made up my best waves plugins for female vocals about that one yet.

Funny seeing you mention cytomic for vocals Eventually, I thought since it was so transparent on MB, it couldn't hurt on vocals. Still experimenting, and I haven't preferred it as main vocal comp yet, but if you want just a but more squish with minimal artifacts and without thinning the sound, it certainly delivers. I love it in parallel specifically because it can be driven quite hard without sounding bad I've certainly heard lots of good things about EQuality, but never tried it.

If I was always ok with the set freq choices and didn't mind 2db intervals if memory servesthen I'd have no issue using the I do use some for things like shaping bass. Even with all those sliders, my issue usually comes down to not being able to have enough control I guess I've just been spoiled by things like apeq in the interface department paragraphic? Is that the term? Anyway, the SOUND of all the waves api stuff is phenomenal IMO. I wasn't aware of oversampling on the Glue now I wonder if it's a free upgrade for registered users.

It does amaze me that after all the other comps I've tried, some do some very DIFFERENT things, but none really does basic transparent compression BETTER than the glue. It's not that dramatic, and I could probably just choose to ignore it I opened up another song, tried it I checked GS and found a few burried threads of people complaining about the same thing. I had worked with it a number of times and never noticed Originally Posted by CallMeAl After half a zillion hours of trying everything on my vocals, I've come to the conclusion that I can't beat:.

Originally Posted by CallMeAl. I best waves plugins for female vocals find myself choosing Melodyne over Autotune. I don't think it particularly takes away highs, but sometimes it can garble them a little. Didn't somebody say that the new Melodyne products correct this? I need to upgrade Waves CLA Vocals is excellent for quickly getting a nice vocal sound that blends comfortably within a mix. It's especially good for rock vocals.

Every now and then I work at getting a similar sound with other plug-ins, especially free ones, but no luck so far. Depends what sound ur going for but sometimes I best waves plugins for female vocals experiment sending a vocal through guitar rig, u can get some nice effects :P Loading mentioned products Similar Threads Thread Wanted: a top-notch vocal mic. Wanted: a top-notch vocal mic. In Your Opinions Top 10 Vocal recordings? Forum Jump Home Contact Us Terms Of Use Privacy Policy All Advertisers Top Advertise with us -- Gearslutz Logo Gearslutz Mobile Gearsz Logo Gearslutz.

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Mixing with Waves Plugins Part 7 (Lead Vocals)

Apr 15,  · Great VST Plugin for Mixing Vocals [Waves VX-1] mixing vocals with waves, mixing hip hop vocals, Best Plugins for Rnb Music Production. From essentials like Vocal Rider and Renaissance Vox to favorites like CLA Vocals and Reel ADT, Waves offers a wide range of plugins for vocals vocal plugin lets. Best Vocal VST Plugins: What Plugins Are ACTUALLY Worth Your Time.

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