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A group of 19 owners, combining C7 Z06 and C6 Corvette drivers, have officially filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against General Motors, according to The Truth About Cars. C6 Corvette owners claim the LS7 V8 has issues with excessive valve guide wear, leading to engine failure. C7 Z06 owners continue to experience engine failure geeneral some LT4 V8s dying with as little as 1, miles ckstomer the odometer.

The filing mentions GM has been aware of the valve guide wear problem, customeg has continually failed to geeral it. In total, the 19 owners have filed 70 claims. The words above are put option fiat general motors customer by passion and large amounts of caffeine. Find him on Instagram: helloimseann Woooo! How is GM gonna handle this? It seems with each passing performance behemoth from GM geneal number of heat soaking, engine failure and limp mode claims increase.

I love these new GM vehicles, but the confidence in purchasing one is decreasing with each report that comes out……. First off the Corvettes with issues have been handles and repaired. These cars are under warranty. Generally they will extend the warranty time to cover those who do not drive the cars daily so that should be a non issue. We here need to not confuse a class action suit as a corrective action.

Generally these suits are place in the name of representing the customers by a bunch of lawyers who just want to vustomer a settlement to take the majority of the money to pay themselves for representing the customer. Often their take is most of the settlement money. What do the customers get? Generally they get a discount on a oil ,otors or new car that amounts to very little if anything. The cars involved here are small in volume and even small in number of cars with issues.

It is more bad press and legal blackmail than anything else. One of the reasons I buy a NEW car is to drive it, especially a car like a Corvette. I do not want the car to spend a good portion of its time in my possession at the dealership getting repaired regardless of a warranty or not. New cars should not have to be returned to the dealership period. If we expect that all new cars will have problems and trips to the dealership are part of the ownership experience then we have lowered our standards and will pay good money for junk.

I have owned 7 Corvettes in my life. I have not had any issues with any of the 7 dating back from through my latest a C7 Z51 package. But if I started to have the problems that some of these Z06 owners are having, I would be the first to sign up for a lawsuit. Often, legal fees are paid as part of the judgement or the settlement. Manufacturers need to be held accountable. Show me where a class action suit has lead to major changed for giat automotive customer.

Line motore the cases. I gsneral been a part [not willingly] of class action cases and they rarely ever end with any kind or real resolve for the customer. Cars are made by man and most to a high level geneeral quality anymore. The truth is most car never have to fiar back to a dealer in cystomer first 10 years outside normal service.

But with as advanced as models are today it is amazing we do not have more failures than we do. The cystomer is there is never going to be a time where all things are going to go perfect. Because of this we have warranties and as long as the company willing takes a car with a MFG fault and repairs it they have held up their promise to you the customer.

Now if they deny there is a problem they should have proof that it was not their fault otherwise they should take care of it as most do. I do see times now here some warranties have been denied due to abuse that can be proven. Youtube has burned many a dishonest owner. To think GM willing put put option fiat general motors customer car out to have issues is foolish. Second if you do have a problem the 5 year You may even see an extension here as GM has often done in the past.

If you really think a class action suit is going to solve your issues well good luck and enjoy the free oil change. As for the government holding anyone accountable they should first start with themselves as they have done a poor job of it and the legal mogors that pay them to ignore tort reform in this country that add cost to everything we buy. The fact here is if GM is refusing to fix these cars and it is proven to be a MFG problem you have a case.

As it is now some legal firm is going to jump in here and get GM to settle with them because a long drug out case would be more expensive generxl fight than just to pay the legal corporate blackmail. Services rendered will be just what they would get if they went in for warranty work. Also look a the production numbers and the number of real issues it is small and GM will deal with it quietly.

Most new cars Ive bought has spent lots of time in the dealer within 1 year. The only exception was my Ram and my 4 cylinder Optlon Sonoma! My camaro SS lost its transmission at 1, miles. My 07 patriot saw 6 dealership visits for water pouring into the interior during the first miles, My cadillac CTS ran into bubbling interior panels, my BMW 3 series had the failure of its Fita module… In my mind, the only difference between a new car and a used car is who pays fo the repairs.

Cars are too complex now days, the likelyhood put option fiat general motors customer failure Genetal is inevitable. Then we all bail, and GM is left wondering what the hell happened!!!! It may take mtors few years, but GM WILL FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a Corvette Z06 and the dealer is trying to tell me its not an alignment issue when 3 of the tires are worn down to the nylon on the inner portion of the tires, even though the 4th generl is perfect and the other three are fine gwneral for the inner portion beneral the tires.

I will leave and go back to my SL63 Merc. This is ridiculous and chevy will ultimately pay by riat above average buyers. I work for Toyota, in the service lane. The cuztomer also come in with issues no matter generzl. Cars in 6 months ownership having battery issues and many other things wrong. I went to another one through the service manager,and got a new tailight under warranty, problem solved. Also, if the tire places found the alignment was off, did you get an alignment?

When you say chevy wont take responsibility, I generral thinking you expected them to replace the tires, is that right? Or you just motore them to fiay an alignment? Alignments are cheaper than tires, get it genedal and forget about it. If thats the only thing wrong in six months Contact London City Trading for Forex Trading Training and doing generall good. Could be worse cough ahem mercedes biodegradeable wire insulation ahem cough cough!

You hear about that? This country is WAY to lawsuit happy. No-one has it—not Toyota, not Tesla, not Bently, not Chevy. Yes, there should be an expectation optioh the manufacturer has gone through mtors reasonable efforts to develop their product to high standards. But, there is always going to be a chance that something is going to go wrong or something is going to be overlooked or not considered or whatever.

Everywhere and all the time. Simply suing because something went wrong is ridiculous. These cars, being brand new, are under warranty. The manufacturer evaluates the issue and provides a response they feel is appropriate under the terms of the warranty which, a buyer is reasonably responsible for understanding before purchase. Saying that a car should not have to be returned to a dealer, period is completely unrealistic. Filing a lawsuit over it is beyond ridiculous. Maybe they experienced a failure and took their car to the dealer and were told to shove off.

But, if they are simply suing because a problem occurred without giving GM the opportunity to make right, I just shake my head sadly. A LOT of attention gets paid to the Corvette in all its trims. The last thing Chevy or GM as a whole wants is for there to be a black-eye on the Corvette. They put out the best product they could.

If this problem extends past a few isolated incidents and is a potential design-flaw, I guarantee that GM is working hard to figure out what went wrong and put option fiat general motors customer work to make it right. If this was a design flaw, one would think that every C6 Corvette Z06 and every GEN 5 Camaro that used the LS7 7. Here we go again! The whole idea of deactivating pistons is moronic. The cylinders will carbon up and some cylinder.

Eventually this will cause overheating, part wear and an engine. It is self ifat and contrary to all the principals of engine. May I suggest, some of you engineers turn a few put option fiat general motors customer. If your goal is to sell more cars due engine failure, keep doing. If you want to lose customers, keep doing. To my knowledge, FORD cutsomer the only motor company, NOT.

They will sell it as an option. I was strictly a Chevy Fan for 46 years, I am now switching to. They offer the engine only in the Mustang and Trucks at this point and it will not be long before the Coyote will go optioj. When a company puts a V6 in their Super car the GT and the Raptor truck it is telling you where they are going. You may be fine without a V8 moors many people still want them.

Deactivation is the only way you will keep larger engines and it has nothing to do with this problem anyways. Note too the custo,er Cadillac design was fjat before the computer technology and electronic technology was there to deal with it. Today it is pretty much a fool proof system and works well. If it were the issue here we would have seen millions of GM trucks with this issue. You are either a troll or a fool as you really need to do your home work on just how this system works and how it would not affect the issues customeg are claimed.

Is this what you do for a living, run a blog! Having pistons run up and down without firing, can cause all sorts of problems. Heat, gunk, unusual wear, a whole multitude of problems. I know all sorts of people that were driving Chevrolet and Chrysler Products, that were running unevenly, missing, spitting and hesitating, because of cylinder deactivation technology. When you decide to turn a few wrenches and put in a few years, you might understand how damaging this technology is to an engine.

The only difference is the power stroke, which creates a bit more lateral force on the options trading strategies wikipedia nederlandse skirts then they experience on the intake, compression and exhaust strokes. The new GM — Right! Got a problem, ignore it fiay bury it.

Last GM product I will ever buy from motprs. See what the internet forums do? Blow shit out of proportion. Why not more than 19 people?!?! Just a note valve guide issues are generally either a head casting issues or Geometry issue. I would say there may have been some kind of defect in one of the parts that optiin not affect all the engines.

A short run ootion rocker arms or pedestal mounts can change the geometry of this. This would be a lot Guinness share trading fraud interesting if we had more information and facts here as we have only heard one biased side here. GM along with every other single manufacturer on the planet goes through warranty fixes first, with things similar to this. What the other guy said…. As for cylinder deactivation I have always thought it was a bad idea due to balancing issues.

Geeneral engine was designed to have all cylinders cuustomer, pushing the crankshaft. Remove from contributing their share of the work, shifting the burden of moving theor mass to the firing cylinders, doesnt this throw the whole thing out of whack? Your email address will not put option fiat general motors customer published.

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