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Before deciding to trade forex, you should carefully consider your financial objectives, level of investing experience, and ability to take financial risk. Company fundamental data provided by Factset. We're Building a Better Online Broker. Call us: After Hours sessions, the order type is set to.

Municipal conduit bonds are issued by a city, county or other government agency the conduit on priving of another entity the obligor which pricing put option bond county typically a corporation. An example of this would be pircing state energy research and development authority issuing bonds to finance the projects of a utility company. The state authority is the issuer but it is the utility company the obligor responsible for paying the debt service.

The credit rating assigned to the obligor. On Balance Volume OBV is a momentum indicator that relates volume to price change. On Balance Volume is a running total. When the security closes higher than. When the security closes lower than. This refers to a trade order for less than. For bonds, it is an order for less than bonds. A period of time, with a stated beginning and end. Refer to your plan rules for more information.

For new issue fixed income securities e. The price at which a security may be purchased. Conversely, bid price is the price at which a security may be sold. The distance between the strike prices for a given strategy. A A fixed income security is a private placement bond typically available only to qualified institutional investors. Securities have this restriction if the securities. You can sell this type of stock. The percent gain or loss that the portfolio has. Refer to the "as of" date to determine the exact.

All or any part of the order that cannot be executed. This restriction requires that the order is. Any part of the order that cannot be executed. One Cancels the Other OCO. A one cancels the other order is an order whose execution results in the immediate cancellation of an order linked to it. Cancellation of pricing put option bond county linked order happens on a best efforts basis. In a one cancels the other order, both orders may be live in the marketplace at the same time.

The execution of either order triggers an attempt to cancel the unexecuted order. Partial executions will also trigger an attempt to cancel the other order. The average closing price of the stock ove rthe last trading days. Moving averages can be used to guage the direction of price movement in a stock. One Triggers the Other OTO. A one triggers the other orders involves two orders—a primary order and a secondary order. The primary order may be a live order at the marketplace.

The secondary order, held in a separate order file, is not. If the primary order executes in full, the secondary order is released to bpnd marketplace and becomes live. An OTO order can be made up of stock orders, option orders, or a combination of both. The total number of outstanding option contracts for. An order status indicating that an order has been placed and that no part of that order has been executed. The price of the security at the start of the current trading day.

This value measures the percent of revenues remaining. It is calculated as the trailing 12 months TTM operating income. An option is a right to buy or sell shares at a guaranteed price for a specific. With a call option, the buyer has the right to buy shares. With a put pricing put option bond county, the buyer has the right to sell shares of the underlying. Option Adjusted Convexity is the change in price of the bond not explained by option-adjusted duration. It is a measure of the curvature of the price-yield relationship of a bond after adjusting for any embedded options.

The calculations are based on the Black-Karasinski model an option valuation model in which the interest rate term structure is lognormalfor which the key assumptions are: The calculations use the current offered price as the price input versus the previous day's closing yield curve. Bond prices typically move in the opposite direction to changes in interest rates.

If interest rates rise, bond prices usually xounty and vice versa. Duration is a measure pricinv helps approximate the degree of price sensitivity of a bond to changes in interest rates. Although stated in years, duration is often explained as an estimate of the percentage price change of a bond in response to a one percent change in interest rates. Bonds with higher duration have greater sensitivity to changes in interest rates and will generally experience a more significant drop in value as interest rates rise.

For bonds with embedded options for example callable or puttable bondsthe duration measure must be adjusted to account for the fact that the bond's embedded options may change the expected cash flows of the bond. For example, if a bond is called, interest payments cease and principal is returned earlier than the bond's maturity. The option-adjusted measure of duration is referred to as Option Adjusted Duration OAD. A bond's yield is typically comprised of two components: 1 the yield on a similar benchmark security typically Treasury securities and 2 a premium above the yield on a similar benchmark security which seeks bnod compensate an investor for the credit risk associated with a particular bond.

This premium is referred to as yield spread or simply "spread. The option-adjusted measure is referred to as Option Adjusted Spread OAS. An agreement between you and Fidelity that details the option trading rules. Trades placed via Fidelity. Anyone who has been granted stock options and still holds them. One of five levels of option trading that define the.

Margin requirements are related to single- or multi-leg option positions. Market Value is the sum of all option positions. An option model is used to assess an option's price. The first model of this type was the Black-Scholes model, developed in As options trading has grown, various refinements to the Black-Scholes model have been introduced. Nevertheless, most models still incorporate the following factors into their pricing assumptions: underlying security price, strike price, time until expiration, dividends to be paid, interest rates, and volatility of the stock.

A contract that grants the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specific number of shares of a security at a specified price by a specified date. The writer of the contract has the obligation to sell or buy a specific number of shares of the security at the specified price if the contract holder chooses to exercise the contract. The buyer is said to have a long position, and the writer is said to have a short position. The number of stock options that have been canceled because the options were not exercised prior to the.

The date on which prickng options issuer e. This refers to the obnd number priccing stock options. On the Stock Option Summary screen. For a stock option grantthe number of stock options through. The number of stock options an issuer e. Options give you the right to purchase a specific number of shares of. The unique number that identifies a particular option.

Options in the Money. Options that have intrinsic value. The number of options, including vested options and. This field displays the total cost of the option. Option Strategy Consists solely of either calls or puts, or a combination of both, to take advantage of a specific market forecast. Refer to Option Positions.

An action, executed in a market on your behalf by Fidelity, to pug or sell shares of a security. See Orders for more information. Expanded quote information bone only during. Extended Hours trading sessions. Order Book quotes include the current ten best bid and ten best ask. ECN Extended Hours orders for a. The order information is automatically updated every.

In addition to the rpicing current bid and ask. The unique number used to identify a trade order. The date optionn order was placed. This is a field that displays in mutual fund order. This field displays information stating that the order is an Electronic Funds Transfer request. The details for a trade order. The unique number Fidelity assigned to identify an order. This number displays bomd the. The list of account trade orders or annuity exchange. The order list displays on the.

The time when Fidelity received an order. On the multi-leg option trading ticket, the amount you expect to pay or the amount you expect to receive from your multi-leg option trade. On the multi-leg option trading ticket, Order Type selections include:. Order Type Order Price Type. A price restriction placed on the execution of an order. For orders placed during the Premarket and. After Hours sessions, the order type is set to.

Limit is the only valid order type for orders placed during. Distributions paid to you or credited to your. Ordinary dividends may be pricing put option bond county optoon cash or. Ordinary dividends, which include. Under IRS regulations, gain if any on disposition of a contingent payment debt instrument is usually treated as ordinary income. Any loss, to the extent that the loss is less than or equal to pricing put option bond county earned interest, is usually treated as an ordinary loss.

Any loss greater than previously earned interest is usually treated as a capital loss. The original amount of cash or securities. The amount or quantity offered to the public at the time of original issuance. Original Issue Discount OID. The difference between the stated bon price at maturity if greater than one year and the pht price of a fixed income security attributable to the selected tax year.

There are three values that can display in the Bond Details page of a bond CUSIP:. L: The bond is subject to Long-Term OID as determined through the prospectus at time of issuance. S: The bond is subject to Short-Term OID as determined through the prospectus at time of issuance. NOTE: Tax reporting of OID obligations is complex. If acquisition or bond premium is paid during the purchase, or if the obligation is a stripped bond or stripped coupon, the investor must compute the proper amount of OID.

Refer to IRS PublicationList of Original Issue Discount Instruments, to calculate the correct OID. Original Issue Discount on U. The amount of original issue discount on U. Treasury obligation for the part of the year you owned it. This amount is exempt from state and local. The US Dollar value of the total issue at time of launch. When updating cost basis, Original Lot Quantity is.

Original Lot Quantity remains. The Yield to Maturity at issuance for Municipal bonds. This is the dollars per unit for a security when it. For short positions pricin, this. The gain or loss information. As used on the Graphical View and Holdings Detail. Please note that Plan College. Investment Trust accounts are classified as Other for portfolio and account analysis. All Fidelity Money Market Funds, other than Core Money Optioheld as positions in the account.

The value of cash and shares flowing out of the core. It is based only on settled trades. Flows out for security purchase are not counted. This value is calculated after market close of. The current par value of the issue outstanding, measured in US Dollars. A dealer network which makes markets in both fixed income and equity securities and sets fair and orderly prices.

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DVDR can be modeled as the value of a put option on dollar value of default risk put option bond rating bond pricing corporate bond Taipei County Taiwan. Help: Glossary: Glossary > O O the value of a call option /(put option) to the bond 's market price to obtain the price of an otherwise equivalent but option. Search For Put Option Now. Look Up Results & Learn More Today! has been visited by 1M+ users in the past month.

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