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The Ultimate Klingon What brings you here? When scanning for "safety violations" Only 2 of the 5 things actually add to the counter. My friends aren't all that fond of you treasurr. After a hard days work I just wanted to level to Lt. So, you scan whats available, get one, and new scannable objects appear. Actually not looking forward to that tonightstatino as I just checked I cant play tonight because theres another.

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Stationn - I Understand. Continue to link and leave Arc Games. Release Notes: April 7th, Resolved an issue where occasionally Bridge Officers would have their powers reset to default when transferring maps. Resolved an issue where Bridge Officers would occasionally be removed from their station staiton transferring treasure trading station sto xespasma.

Added text to trait rewards that mention a player has to transfer maps in order for the trait to be available. Resolved further issues with Romulan ships not spawning in Azure Nebula Advanced. Resolved an issue that would allow players to transfer to Cargo Bay 6 before completing their inspection of the bar. Credit will be given more reliably for completion of the "Roadblocks" segment.

Note: Teamed Delta Ttrading who are with a teammate of xtation different faction, e. Rom-allied Feds with a non-Romulan Fed, may see their allies' cutscene. Resolved an issue where the alts on an account for a Romulan Delta Recruit would be able to claim rewards earlier than intended. Made updates to the Claim reward and calendar UI to make information stand out more clearly for the Delta Recruit system. The VO matches the text for the KDF Delta Recruit cutscene in the tutorial.

KDF players do not appear in the scoreboard at the end of a PVP match. Check out all the exciting changes coming to Star Trek Online in our latest patch notes! Currency bonus until May, 2nd ! Perfect World Entertainment Inc, All Rights Reserved.

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Dec 12,  · Treasure Trading Station Work-Around © Gamer Launch, LLC - Fleet Hosting by Gamer Launch Star Trek Online Fleet. Game related materials. Dec 17,  · CL1 - Star Trek: Online > CL1 I take no credit for this fix but it seems to work for those who can't complete the Treasure Trading Station mission: http:// sto. Title: Cyprus Mail, Author: Cyprus Mail Co Ltd The ten-year-old then walked to the police station and analysts expect horse- trading over the exact.

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