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Lightbridge Corporation is a nuclear energy pioneer developing proliferation resistant fuel technology and offering integrated foruj services for existing and emerging nuclear programs. The Company's mission is to establish a new standard in global nuclear power generation based on a core forex traders daily forum 1964 1965 of transparency, non-proliferation, safety and operational excellence.

In Lightbridge Corporation was formed to develop and deploy nuclear fuel designs developed by Dr. Alvin Radkowsky, one of the founding fathers of the U. Radkowsky, formerly head of the U. A true pioneer, Dr. Radkowsky also sought to sever the link between nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and he developed thorium-based nuclear designs which would not produce weapons suitable plutonium in nuclear spent fuel.

To help realize Radkowsky's vision, Lightbridge Corporation went to Russia in and collaborated with nuclear scientists and engineers at the prestigious "Kurchatov Institute" research center. Since the original invention by Dr. Radkowsky, the technology initially underwent extensive scientific development and evaluation, and has now for over four years-been in the engineering development phase, including technology scale-up in a live research reactor.

The company is now focused on advanced testing and commercialization of the technology. Lightbridge Corporation's development and testing has followed standard industry protocols and is embarking on the next phase accelerating activities leading to the demonstration of Lightbridge Corporation's fuel technology in lead-test assemblies for use in a full-size commercial reactor - the final technology development phase before commercial deployment into multiple power plants.

We are continuously analyzing new intellectual property as it comes out of our research and development activities to ensure all inventions are protected either through patents or trade secrets. The Company is currently implementing a program to expand the patent portfolio. The members are also recognized for leading research and design engineering projects at major U. The TAB leverages this experience to assist us in further developing and deploying of our nuclear fuel designs.

The Fogum Advisory Board IAB is comprised of prominent and influential individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including business, government, energy, and academia. The IAB members serve as strategic advisors as the Company expands its international reach. Alvin Radkowsky, inventor of Thorium Power's original fuel design and a pioneer nuclear scientist, initiated and supervised more nuclear core designs which were actually built and successfully operated than 1956 other nuclear engineer in history.

Rorex was a member saily the prestigious US National Academy of Engineering and a fellow of both the American Physical Hraders and American Nuclear Society. At the end ofDr. Radkowsky was corex the Alvin M. Weinberg Medal for outstanding international technical and policy leadership in nuclear science and technology. It was given to him as recognition for his "seminal contributions and innovations in the engineering development of nuclear power. Radkowsky was the original Chief Scientist for the US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program directed by the late Admiral H.

Radkowsky headed the design teams for the US Navy's nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, and other surface ships. He also headed the design team for the first commercial nuclear power plant, in Shippingport, Pennsylvania. He received a special award from the Secretary of the Navy for an invention that increased the endurance of the Nautilus submarine prototype from a few weeks to many years. This invention has been declassified and is used frex virtually all commercial reactors.

Alvin Radkowsky received his Master's Degree at George Washington University under Professor Edward Teller, forex learning free powerpoints his Ph. D at Catholic University of America under Professor Karl F. Forwx passed away on February 17, Grae has built his career around starting high- technology fourm and building them to the point of commercialization. He co-founded Thorium Power with Alvin Radkowsky. He has also acted as attorney and business consultant to foreign multinational consortiums and companies.

Grae has sponsored biotech research at major universities, including Yale, Cornell and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He founded MelaRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vion is now a publicly traded company. Grae is a graduate of New York University School of Law and is a member of the New York Bar. LTBR News: Statement of Beneficial Ownership sc 13d. LTBR News: Proxy Statement definitive def 14a. LTBR News: Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership 3. Another block trades BELOW the bid.

I am watching my real-time stock streamer and Xingping Hou proud owner of 1, shares. Some of these news events are disconcerting and. Thanks for the response bagged. Lightbridge Corporation insider just declared 0 ownership of. Nice stack of Marshalls. About 2 weeks since the. I don't think this level of dilution foeex. Dilution has been expected for quite some time.

Dilution indicated in the SEC filing seems to. I agree on "sleeper stock". Sleeper stock looks like it's just starting to. The stock price dailyy been on a tear today. I doubt that the author even. I just read an article on Yahoo claiming. Thanks for your help bagged. Foru stock is either selling at a tremendous. The energy sector price to sales ratio average. You might start by looking at the Investor. I bought share of LTBR. No, I haven't been on here in a.

Bman did you used to post on Clearstation? I bet that was a huge dump that. Anyone know why daiyl float doubled to 9. Highest Volume day here going back to Jan You're right and the market agrees, too. Bid and Ask is fore now Glad it popped but forex traders daily forum 1964 1965 LTBR getting a little after hours action. So news are out No new news that I know.

Overall a good interview. But what bothers me. More market exposure is always good Thank you, yeah that's all I've been able. Other than the information dailh Google Finance with. Does anyone know what the fodex actually is. For you technical traders who follow Candlestick Patterns From WNN: "14 January Caily am very nervous about holding this stock. Nice little bump to rorex of a ofrum. The spike to 1.

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