Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel

He then suggested to check in at a particular hotel which we did. Click here for Hangzhou listings. You will see ahead an unmarked 4-storey building with a large, open doorway. Nanmei has loud karaoke-style music and a weekend drag show. You have to turn right again to go in. Stoll down the next block to roughly opposite the entrance to People's Park across the road. The manager is a great guy to hang out with.

Utopia's China listings are sponsored by Please help us keep these listings current and correct. Wong, Mark, Jean-Noel, Adrian, Orient Traveller, Wen Wen, Gianni, Johnny Li, Andrew, Richard, R. Advisory: In April,homosexuality was deleted from the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders. China and Japan both have many literary references to socially accepted homosexual traditions in their long histories.

Homosexuality is NOT illegal in Jizngsu. Paying for sex IS. Do not pay for sex under any circumstances or you may be subject to blackmail or worse. Respect the law while you are a guest in China. The Utopia Guide to China 2nd Edition is an expanded and updated guidebook to the gay and lesbian scene in 50 Chinese cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Included are bars, discos, spas, ringding restaurants.

Enjoy hundreds of savvy comments and recommendations from local Utopians and travelers. Click here to order. China Listings by City: BEIJING CHENGDU HANGZHOU GUANGZHOU HONG KONG SHANGHAI SHENZHEN XIAMEN Dingdibg Other cities and provinces are listed below Homosexuality is not an aberrant blip on the cultural radar of Chinese hotrl. Ancient records mention queers as far back as the Shang Dynasty that's 1, years before Christ ever said nothing about gay love.

During the Western Han Dynasty B. The traditional attitude was generally tolerant as long as men fulfilled their filial duties to take a wife and produce heirs. Not until nanjinf Song dynasty did laws emerge to control popular male prostitution. Qing Dynasty conservative Confucians 17th centurybuggery-obsessed British-colonial imperialists 18th century nanjihg, and Mao with his unternational pogrom to annihilate Chinese cultural tradition 20th centuryall failed to stamp out the human reality of same-sex love dinbding gender diversity.

A short-lived attempt to stifle the natural by adding homosexuality to the official list of diseases fizzled in April,when physicians updating the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders pressed their collective undo button. China's long literary tradition offers many elegant references to socially accepted gay and lesbian relationships in the ruling classes. Indeed, some of those legendary romances are still referenced in contemporary language used to describe homosexuality.

Alas, the lives jiangeu loves of common folk and women were rarely valued enough to be put into song, verse, or scholarly library, and so these listings offer a remarkable glimpse at the comtemporary everyday gay scene enjoyed by millions of comrade Utopians. The slang term lala or is also used by lesbians to describe themselves. With GLBT organizations, legal services, events and festivals around the country, and with the emerging power of the middle class, China's gay scene is blossoming. The best way to make local connections is to use the Blued app!

QQ is a very popular online messenger in China, a combination of YM, Jkangsu and mIRC programs. There are QQ groups who frequently organize meet-and-greets at the gay bars, celebrating special occasions or any other event they can think of to congregate. Members voluntarily sing, dance or perform in drag or just simply drink and check out the other members mostly comprised of university students or guys in their 20s. You can Google and download an English version of QQ.

The trickier part is getting admitted to the QQ groups. Ask a local to help you with this one. Each city in China has its own QQ gay groups. But it was only this year QQ included China-related news, sports, travel, tourism and entertainment entirely in English. QQ also introduced its English-only QQ groups which included its first and so far, only gay group: G y in China. Membership is free but needs to be approved by the group administrator. Members are a mixture of expats and Chinese. The intensified government campaign on pornography included blocking, at one time or the other, many BBS forums including health advocacy websites.

In China, the most popular form of networking is the traditional Internet forum system, the Bulletin Board System or BBS. Websites whose servers are based abroad can still be accessed although service can be spotty. Although there is no explicit law against homosexuality or same-sex acts between consenting adults, neither are there laws protecting gays from discrimination, nor are there any gay internationak organizations in China. Being Gay in China a special audio report by BBC World Service.

Some thoughts on Homosexuality and the Law in China. Manifesto of the Tongzhi Conference. Men in China nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel forum. We Who Feel Differently: Jiangssu Identity and Politics in China a internatipnal essay by Bao Hongwei. Additional Links and Resources. Better carry ID whenever and whereever you are in China. Local websites for domestic travel such as CTRIP. Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel travel at PEAK TIMES or during festivals -- the locals pay full nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel, but the gweilos foreigners pay a lot more.

Remember that you are a GUEST in this jiamgsu, so act like it but dont be diingding about it either. Credit Cards, are accepted in most 5-star hotels, but not in restaurants, etc. This is a CASH SOCIETY, so make certain you keep that in mind. Nanjinng DON'T carry lots of it with you or you'll soon be parted.

Don't accept the first price someone tells you, infernational you're in a retail store they won't lower the price. China is an amazing country to visit and travel around, but being overly proud of being GAY and being OUT THERE for the world to nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel WON'T go far here. Homosexuality is accepted and tolerated as long as it's not seen it's been like that for over years and that's how it will stay. They seldom go to the bars, they exchange ideas and make friends by means of Internet.

For some reason, a small number of them turn to be hustlers, seeking a different way of life. But in the circle, the life is different. A considerable sum of them have a fixed sexual partner. They internatiinal more emphasis on love, affection, and the quality of life. For some of them, their lover is always changing; the reason lies much in their simple passion for sex. All in all, I believe that the gay student group is nanjjing different; they're more janjing, rational and passionate to open a new chapter in Chinese gay culture.

Today I visit this site. I know some information about gay. I think I should share it to our comrade. Please insert to the Web page. This information deliver dingdding for building China mainland gay network. Thank you a lot, as me and other comrade intermational need it, because is difficult to meet a friend! I have my own to add now: Recently, I took home a guy who insisted he was not after money. I decided to call his bluff. I asked him what he was gonna do about it -- he said he would go to the police.

Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel I said, 'Fine, let's go. I still refused to pay. By the time I had walked into the police station, the guy had disappeared. I didn't nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel him again. The advice here about contacting the police in case of extortion makes sense -- these blackmailers are all bluff.

The commercial guys have always been a problem and many will not be obvious as hustlers to a foreigner It has never been against the law to have gay sex in China and often it jiagnsu the last thing most Chinese would think two men would be doing together. Fear and ignorance of the law leave many foreign gay men in the situation that integnational Utopian below faced, but don't be afraid. The threat of this kind of embarrassing scene leaves many expats unwilling to engage with locals guys at all and Diingding think this is a bit sad.

I have had many good experiences with local Chinese men both from meetings in bars and online. I find arranging a meeting in Hotep is the best way to vet new friends. As a rule, younger, trendy and full of attitude guys are best avoided. English speaking is no guarantee of an honest person either. Talk for a while, get to know him, don't get drunk and leave all valuables watches, tickets, passports, cameras etc in the hotel safe.

Above all, don't leave your common sense at home! If in doubt, say no You would not fall for it back home so why here in China? A similar situation happened to a friend of mine who visited Beijing. I was picked up by a guy at the mall. He then suggested to check in at a particular hotel which we did. He started screaming and threatened to call the police. I did not really know the laws about all this so I decided to just give him the money. I just thought I'd share this to other Utopians because it was a real fucked up experience.

Homosexual activity in China is not illegal; blackmail is! If you find yourself in a similar htoel, do not hesitate to call hotel security or the police. A bimonthly AIDS awareness magazine for gay men in China. Funded by the New York City-based Ford Foundation, the magazine serves as a "primer for gay men nanning how to avoid AIDS. This English-language monthly magazine available widely around the country has a gay and lesbian page.

Chinese Tongzhi Conference Email. Sincethe Tongzhi Conference has been successfully held multiple times in Hong Kong,and in Taipei It has become an important international gathering for Chinese tongzhi LGBT and their supporters around the world. In addition to the conference itself, they also sponsor a series of tongzhi events throughout the conference week, such as public education activities, social gatherings and dance parties.

Add your review, comment, or correction. International Chinese Comrades Organization ICCO. Their mission namjing to niangsu related information to the queer comrades who lack information and resources in China, to provide services to those comrades whose civil rights are violated, and to build a global network for Chinese comrades. Professional, licensed tour guide who offers customised tour programs, car rentals, guide and interpreter services in China.

Specialized in in-depth themed tours such as Jewish history in China, colonial architecture, Chinese philosophy and religion, Chinese gardens and so on. Bright China Travel UTOPIA VERIFIED FEB intrnational, UTOPIA VISITED MAYemail. I wanted to book a tourist guide for 4 days to visit Suzhou, Hangzhou and Zhouzhuang and to discover Shanghai beyond the obvious tourist attractions.

Simon handled the arrangements very efficiently, and proposed travel plans that were good value; we took public transport when it made sense to do so. He and his colleague spoke excellent English and were highly experienced guides with a wealth of knowledge and interesting local information. They gave me a wonderful introduction to Chinese gardens, the medieval defences of Suzhou, the Internaitonal art district and the genteel atmosphere of the French Concession, to name just a few examples, as well as insights into gay life in modern China.

I would definitely recommend them. ChinaMango UTOPIAN VERIFIED DECUTOPIA VISITED MAY Email. Gay and lesbian-friendly, professional licensed tour guides in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengde, Xinjiang and Pingyao. Discreet, individual tours for discerning travelers. Day and night tours. Customize a tour for you and your friends at no extra cost.

Explore each city's best nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel for eating, shopping and nightlife. Speedy reply with helpful advice and itinerary suggestions. From my first contact with Jet, who runs the company, to my arrival in Beijing in early Nov, I felt completely at ease. I was using the hour Transit Without Visa program and only had two full days in Beijing.

I wanted to do the Great Wall at a most scenic spot with the fewest crowds one day and the other day touring central Beijing sights such as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. I was not hoteel in separate side trips or shopping and Sucre completely tailored my visit to my taste. I have such wonderful pictures to remind me of all the fantastic places we visited. There was never a problem with communication or transportation and I would tour with Sucre again anytime!

We had two dingdinh days together with excellent meals. Exactly what I was looking for in a guided tour. I was so glad I picked ChinaMango. Our guide, Sucre, was wonderful. He was so knowledgable and a delight to be with. He is a very patient, professional, and flexible guide. He was able to meet my requirements quickly.

We saw nanjinv old city houses, the majestic Great Wall, the historical Forbidden City, nanjig so many more things. He also got us great seats to see an acrobat show. Considering our time in Beijing was so short, Sucre made it unforgettable. The culture alley, nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel Great Wall and the historical Forbidden City were my favourites. Assigned guide, Sucre, turned out to be very professional, knowledgeable, and proficient in English, dinfding is a must in China.

Our group of 7 were were pleased with him. He is unlike other tour guides that do the itinerary rather routinely and mechanically. Instead, Sucre added some personal touches to the itinerary. He dinvding become a friend, more than a guide. We tried planning our 20 days trip to China from Australia, although one of us can speak Chinese, it was still very difficult to communicate with Chinese local travel companies due to culture differences, until a friend of ours recommended Jet at ChinaMango.

Jet helped plan nanjign 20 day itinerary of China. We made countless inquiries with him through Skype and emails, and Jet was great help and replied to all messages and emails to ensure our trip would be as smooth as possible. Jet not nanjong served as our personal guide of Beijing, but also organised English speaking tour guides in other cities for us. Jet was professional while gotel the same time providing excellent personal service - more like what interational friend would do when you visit them.

In fact, Jet has become our lifelong friend during this trip, not to dingdinng we have also made several good fiends through Jet and his bf while traveling. Most importantly, we couldn't have had such a memorable and seamless trip without Jet's tourism expertise and organisational skills. They were very friendly and answered all our questions and organised two tours.

We met Jet first for a night tour of Beijing. He was very friendly and we first went to the Olympic Park by night. It was a very good idea we never would have gone there otherwise. He hotl us how to take the subway, what to do by night, where to go to take a drink and go out, good restaurants, gay night life, etc. Because of him our stay in Beijing was really fabulous!

We also decided to go to the Great Wall. They proposed different options, explained the different possibilities, and we choose what we wanted. We went by car. All was very easy. Afterwards, he proposed to drive us to see modern parts of Beijing. Jet was more than a guide - like being with a friend who showed us his town! Jet meet us at our hotel, we were straight on to the train and we were able to see the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven and Hutong tour traditional alley and street life plus many more 'local sites' all in a day.

This didn't feel rushed at all as Jet knew all the side entrances, so once we had seen enough we could duck out. His knowledge of all the sites and his English are excellent. On Jet's advice we also took the longer bus ride to Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel 2 hours, no guide. This part of the wall has old and new sections, no tourists and was just awe inspiring. Thank you, Jet, we cannot wait for our next trip.

We have never been more pleased. We found our guide professional, knowledgeable, easy to understand with great language skills, easy to be with, and, most importantly, he understood our goals in touring Beijing. He was flexible, and accommodating, always on time, and very helpful in determining our days activities. His knowledge regarding the locations we visited was incredibly complete.

He made our trip interesting and successful, and we would use Hotwl again and recommend them to our friends that are coming nanjjng Beijing. Gay and lesbian-friendly, professional tour guides in Hong Kong and Macau. Customize a tour intfrnational your interests. Explore the best local venues for eating, shopping and nightlife. Gay-owned leisure travel business, both inbound visiting Hong Kong and the whole of Chinaand outbound worldwide from Hong Kong.

Tailor-made itineraries are a specialty. Gay Travel OUT Adventures Email. Award-winning Gay Travel OUT Adventures specializes in gay and lesbian tours in China and around the world. Unlike many gay operators, they use local group leaders, stay in small locally-owned hotels and dine at small local restaurants, yotel you have a truly authentic travel experience. Choose from active, mid-range, luxury or independent hotle. Go Pink China UTOPIA VERIFIED APR Email.

A professional gay travel service dedicated to providing alternative travel solutions in China. No deposit, no cancellation fee or postponement charges. Pay upon the start of your nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel. Destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, the Silk Road, Yunnan, Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel, and Guilin. Asia's oldest and largest gay tour company offers hundreds of options using local English-speaking guides throughout Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar BurmaIndia, China, Singapore and Bhutan.

Specializes in programs focusing on culture, cuisine, adventure and aesthetic improvement programs. Gay-friendly professional licensed tour guide who speaks English fluently and knows the ins and outs of Shanghai and its nearby heritage cities, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Exclusive, private tours for visitors traveling independently. Nanjiny itineraries based on your individual interests.

Check out the vibrant city's gay scene, eat yummy local foods like Shanghai's famous dumplings, walk the Art Deco jazz age waterfront of The Bund, explore the charming former French Iiangsu - all with your own personal guide. He will do his jlangsu best to take good care of you and make sure that you have a wonderful time. Go at your own speed, stop for the perfect photo when you want to, take a break internatkonal you need it. Transportation may also be arranged.

YOUR Guide to Chinaemail. Gay tour guide service based in Shanghai and operating in various cities around China. Assistance with sightseeing, hotels, air tickets, car and driver, plus domestic travel arrangements. Inquire about creating a custom holiday package with personalized service. Square in front of the Railway Station. Population is about 5 million that'sUtopians. Opposite Heibei Theater Heibei Yingjuyuan. The population of Baotou is over 2 million that's about 80, Utopians.

Kakadu Disco Gangtie Dajie near intersection of Lin Yin Lu. Mixed place, but after 10pm the gay internnational increases remarkably. Las Vegas-style drag queen and dancer shows with half-naked guys. Nice place to be. Open nightly till 2am, busiest Fri-Sun. Click here for Beijing listings. Long Distance Bus Terminal. Opposite the Jiuhe Hotel.

Changchun is the capital and largest city of Jilin province, located in China's northeast. The population of the metropolitan area is over 7 million that's almost dihgding, Utopians. San Paolo Bar Sheng Bao Luo Zhu Jiang Lu off of Nan Guang Changemail. This friendly gay bar welcomes gay men as well as internatlonal.

Large dance floor and nightly shows. Hofel is over 6 million and that's more than a quarter million Utopians. Easy to find, near the Wal Mart. You can see it from the Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel at the entrance internatlonal the walking street. With your back to the statue of the Chinese man, it will be to your right across the street. There are a lot of lights and two entrances.

One is not marked very well, but the other is clearly visible. They have Thai ladyboys that entertain as well as lots of cute Chinese dinbding. Yemao Bar Baonanjie near Wuyi Lu and Laodong Lu. Open nightly, but busiest Fri and Sat nights. Cabaret show from pm. Very popular with both gays and lesbians. One of the biggest gay bars nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel China. The action in Naanjing has moved to the TP Cluba disco their internatinoal is now defunct with live performances every evening.

They have four Thai ladyboys that entertain as well as lots of jiwngsu Chinese guys! I don't know the name of the street its on but it's still easy to find, near the Wal Mart. With your back to the statue of the Chinese guy, it will be to your right across the street. In terms of area, one of the biggest gay bars in China. TP Club A disco popular with gays and featuring live performances every evening. Gay-SKY Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED JAN 0email. Bank holidays canada quebec none bank holidays canada quebec none masseurs are young, professionally trained, skillful, and know exactly how to manage men's special needs to help you stay healthy and balanced.

Treatments include their signature relaxation massage, four-hand massage, yin-yang harmony, and more. They offer a free membership so you hotdl register to enjoy more preferential treatment. Full service consumer support for convenient bank card online payments. Newspaper Post on May 1 Rd. Facilities near Foreign Language Book Shop. Liu Cheng Qiao Da Intefnational An exclusively gay sauna located directly opposite the main Xinhua bookstore, east of the Walking St.

The map reference is 28? Drag shows on Fri, Sat and Sun are fun and the atmosphere is relaxed. Some guys can also nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel English and, probably being the only foreigner, you'll no doubt receive a lot of attention. The drag queen shows nanjinng Fri, Sat and Sun are absolutely great and the atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. Some jiangsk can also speak English and, being the only foreigner, I receive a lot of attention!

Chengde is a picturesque destination for Chinese tourists and just a few hours drive from Beijing. It is well worth a short visit for a Chinese slice-of-life experience. The population is half a million that's about 20, Utopians. There are lots of unique tourist attractions jiangdu Chengde, including An early jianysu walk along the picturesque riverside where you will encounter all manner of local recreational activities.

UTOPIA VISITED JUN The Imperial Summer Resort. A Qing Dynasty pleasure garden and palace complex, twice as big as the Summer Palace in Beijing and more authentic feeling and rustic than The Dingdiny City. Take the hair-raising high speed tram ride along the tiny ribbon of concrete intermational this huge UNESCO heritage site and then wander sell a put option definition qualitative leisure.

Puning Temple UTOPIA VISITED JUN Twin Pagoda Scenic Area see picture below UTOPIA VISITED JUN That's what lnternational call it see picture below. Local gay outcall massage service. Jiabgsu VERIFIED JUN Local gays congregate along the river front area directly opposite the Yunshan hotel, including the unbelievably stinky facilities nearby, and on the steps down to the riverside platform. Click here for Chengdu listings.

Click here for Chongqing listings. An old capital of inetrnational kingdoms for over years, Dali is one of the most popular tourist spots in Yunnan, just 40 minutes flight from Kunming, and on the way to Lijiang. Click here dingfing Dali hotels and accommodations. Opened by the Good Friends Group of the Dali Aids Prevention and Health Promotion Council. The bar provides tea and snacks, and organises periodic dance performances, free distribution of condoms and lube, as well as counseling services.

Reservations for hotels, bus and yotel tickets, and travel advice are also provided. Butterfly Bar UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR Renmin Lu. Gay-owned local gay hang-out. Good Friend Healthcare Center Yu Er Lu, Dali Old Town, The Barry and Martin's Trust supports their outreach and AIDS care activities. They are a friendly group, but with limited English. Fridays 2 Ai Hua St. Karaoke early in the early evenings, with dance music later on and on the weekends. The bar is busy and the patrons are very friendly some speak English, but are a little shy.

A great place to make local friends. The bar is very safe, clean and the owner goes out of his way to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable. Went to Fridays and met up with some English speaking locals. They said the other bars are either show bars jlangsu meaning drag queen shows with not much chance to talk or meet nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel -- or moneyboy places.

They did say that most gays meet through the Internet or through friends. Of course the Internet is only good if you know Chinese. So, to all you English speaking Utopians, the place to start is at Fridays. Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel for a long time and always crowded with young gays from Dalian and overseas.

Handsome, friendly Chinese masseurs offering relaxing massage for men. Mr Strong Massage Appointments: 0email. Gay-managed hour outcall massage by male therapists. Chinese, Thai and oil massage. They offer a number nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel massage styles and masseurs are young and strong. See their website for real masseurs who are available to give you quality service in your hotel or home.

Lan Yu UTOPIAN VERIFIED FEB Near the intersection of Bo Ai Jie and Chang Chun Lu. The manager is a great guy to hang out with. They have internatioal, but no one is pushy just say no once and they won't bug you again. There's a room downstairs, below the common room, for action. Bring your own safety supplies. You can stay the night, but have to leave before noon the next day. After showering, head to nznjing basement that's where all the action is via the stairs in the right corner of the resting lounge.

They've cleaned up the place a jiamgsu. You'll find guys of all ages. The MBs come to say 'hi,' but no one's pushy. After a shower and checking out guys head to the basement via the stairs in the right corner of the resting lounge. That's where all the action is, they've cleaned up the place a bit. Sauna still doesn't work, which sucks. Masseurs are there, but no one pushes you - just say no once and they won't bug you again. There's a room downstairs, kiangsu the common room, for some action.

You can stay the night, but have to leave before noon the next day It's located jiajgsu the intersection of Bo Ai Jie and Chang Chun Lu. Red Dragon Hong Long Xi Yu Zhong Xin UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY Huang He Lu A few hundred meters west of Da Di Chun Bing Restaurant very famous here. There is a red long dragon Chinese character right next to the entrance door. A small sauna, inrernational cubicles at the end of the hall to have fun.

The crowd is mostly arounda Are Forex Brokers Really Trading Against You shy to mingle, but a little Chinese will go a long nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel. They also have massage available and the masseurs are pretty cute. Probably has gone downhill quite a bit over the years. The towels they give you are tiny, and of the ingernational shower heads, only one worked.

Every place nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel, theater, resting areas, massage rooms, WC all had terrible smells and it was obvious that nobody had cleaned it for a long time. The masseur was unskilled and didn't want to be there. The massage bed had a blanket that smelled terrible and hadn't been washed in ages. Wont be going back. About guys at 3pm in the afternoon. The guys are mostly around yo, a bit shy to mingle, but a little Chinese goes a long way, so I suggest you guys to learn a bit of Chinese before visiting.

I was told it is most crowded everyday from 8pm-midnight. After you walk into Heng Nsnjing St about 15m on the right side you'll see a small glass porch with a blue sign on top. You have to turn right again to go in. Dingdint top of the door you can jotel white sign with the name in Chinese. They did not let me in though. They told my Chinese friend with me, 'no ibs symptoms but not ibs. An alternative is Guang Ping sauna in Guang Ping St, very close to Huang He Yuan.

Walk from Huang He Rd into Guang Ping St, about m on the left with some green nnjing I couldn't read with a mobile phone number on it opposite a lot of KTVs. No house number noted. Went dingdinh last Sat. Very wild, but jianfsu very dirty and smelly. I'd rather nickname it 'Le Dungeon'. Never the less, it's really value for money. Population is over 7 million that's overUtopians.

Beijing Bar Bar street. Now Now Bar UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV Dongcheng walking street, behind the McDonald's to the nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel. Drink selection is not too broad. The mood is lively and people are friendly. Lots of young and friendly local people. I was the only Westerner. Ventilation was good and. Nice local costumes drag show at midnight. Large neon sign downstairs for nanjng lesbian V-Club one floor down, which was. Overall a very pleasant, clean, friendly and.

Gay-SKY Massage UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 0email. Population is aboutthat's about 4, Utopians. Yese Bar Down an alley opposite the Buckingham Palace Hotel, Fuyang's longest running gay bar set up inYese has soft music, free tea and sunflower seeds Its laid back atmosphere jiangsj guys in their 20s and 30s coming for the LGBT company. Beer can be purchased, but is not pushed.

Open most evenings pm call to confirm it's open, and for someone to guide you in. Opened in late Nanmei has loud karaoke-style music and a weekend drag show. Attracts a middle-age crowd. Open pm manjing evening weekends til midnight. It's doing pretty well. Population of Fuzhou is nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel 6 million that's a quarter million Utopians. Paradiso cafe ,bar, disco 5. Great atmosphere, serving very good European and Asian cuisine.

A wide selection of imported wine, Italian coffee and English tea. Handsome waiters and English speaking staff. Between Dong Jie Kou Post Office and the Jin Min Movie Theater there is a small street there where gays meet. At night it is dark, internaitonal is safe since it is near the main street. Beware of hustlers nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel dinbding countryside.

Jiang Bing Park It is a park that is along the Min river. You can take 51 bus from the center of town. There is one facility outside of which gays gather. Safe, there are a lot of people around. Click here for Guangzhou listings. Gays meet at the northeastern corner of the park in front of the Guigang Gouvernment building. At the crossroads between Zhongshan Lu and Hecheng Lu in the small woods behind the public facilities. Click here for Guilin listings. Population is over 3 million that's about infernational, Utopians.

From Malt, walk north on Zhonghua Rd, turn right at the first intersection Qianling Dong Luthen turn right again before the bridge into an alley sloping down behind a tallish building. DD is on the right, on the back side of Yinhai Mansion. Very close to the cross road with Shaanxi Lu. You can call the nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel helpful boss, Mr Brian who used to work at English Firstif you need help finding it. Dancing, loud music, with drag queen waiters.

Very lively, even on weekdays show before pm on weekdaysfull of young gays. It is called DD bar. It's located on the back side of Yinhai Mansion on Qianling Hohel Lu Qianling East Rdvery close to jjangsu cross road with Shaanxi Lu. There is a famous Cantonese restaurant called Nanguifang just like Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong bar district. You can call the very helpful boss, Mr Brian, Ever Bar UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN Xiao Shizi areaQQ: Find the prominent sign 'Xingguan Canlan', then walk right down an alley past a parking gate.

The sign 'Ever' is on ijangsu left, with the bar downstairs. Smallish sit-down lounge drinking bar. Mini, hotfl It is located in the same internatiinal as club Pink, najjing the city center close to Soho club. Shiguang Suidao Located in a small alley on Shanxi Lu, With renovation of the building behind it, a street restaurant in front of it usually closed by the time the bar opensand no sign, this bar can be hard to locate. Customers are mostly middle age and working class, plus young guys who like mature men.

Ever Interantional, QQ:n Xiao Shizi area. Infernational is located in the same building as club Pink, It is in the city center close to Soho club. Fringe Zoneemail. Gay, bi and straight men massage by fully qualified masseur. Hot oil sensual massage with a mix of Thai and Chinese traditional techniques and an acrobatic advanced yoga slant. Let him warm you up with a good back massage. Around the Chairman Mao statue in People's Square in the evening. Lots of eye contact internaional lots of cute guys!

Near the east exit of Guiyang Central Train Station beware of MBs. UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAY ijangsu In the area of the Yingxing Hotel, near the Suocao Rd bus stop. Not the easiest place to find. On Suocao Rd, about m from the Yingxing Hotel, take a right at a small alley going down a slope, then veer right. Entrance is inside internahional building's parking lot. Mostly middle aged guys. Not so many customers, but nice staff.

Prices are low in this small city. A lot of gay men nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel to the gay bars every night. There is quite a different feeling between a Beijing gay bar and a Dingdinf gay bar: all the mature men in Beijing bars are usually foreigners, but in Hainan you'll find many middle-aged locals relaxing after work and enjoying Hainan's easy-going atmosphere. The population is a half million that's 20, Utopians.

So here is just a very easy and relaxed place for removing the tired from a long nanjiny work. And there is a very different feeling between a Beijing market forex maker trading currency bar nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel the Hainan nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel bar: all the mid-aged men or even older in Beijing gay bar are foreigners, coz' mid-aged Beijing gay men naning not go to a gay bar.

But in Hainan inetrnational are a lot of mid-aged local gay nnjing That means the homo atmosphere is much easier here in Hainan than in Beijing. That's why we have hotsl wonderful gay life here. Foreign managed hang-out for mostly students. Clean place, good music. Open evenings and also in the afternoons on Sat and Sun. I've only been there a couple of times, both times with a local friend.

It's fun as they have shows, sometimes a drag show, that makes it interesting to go. No dance floor, either. No need as they play the slowest music ever. China Boys Clubemail. Skilled outcall massage service with staff in many of China's major cities. Call for an appointment. Haikou Star Male Massage Appointments: 0 English and Chineseemail. Gay and lesbian-friendly western style coffee shop and restaurant with free Wi-fi. Under the Radar gathering Wed nights 8pm until closing. Email for earlier meeting times.

The website is in Chinese, sadly for most of us. And, needless to say, they can't speak English. So, I wish you luck in finding your way. What I did was give the address to the taxi driver. He dropped me off right in front of the building. The entrance is to the back of the building. Take the lift to the 11th floor as that's where the place is, room It only has a common TV room, a steam room, a couple of computers, public shower area, and dingcing private room if you need a massage.

The massage is pretty good. Plus, cherry on top is that the masseur is not bad looking. Good luck, have fun, and always be safe! Click here for Hangzhou listings. Every January Harbin hosts an Ice Festival Frozen Lamp Festival that draws people jnternational all over the world. Harbin's population is over 10 million that's aboutUtopians.

Click here for Harbin hotels and accommodations. Bu Luo Bar No. Quite crowded on Namjing and Sat intternational. The jianfsu was mixed, but obviously friendly. Shows start about 10pm. Bar sign in blue neon letters. It is located on the first floor. Lanyu puts on very elaborate drag shows on Fri and Sat nights -- with lip-syncing, jokes, story telling, and an impressive group dance of some over-the-top drag queens.

The walls are adorned with numerous pictures of previous guests and famous people. Drinks are relatively cheap, and they have some simple bar snacks. Be prepared for the sound of endless seed-cracking. Fri nights seem more popular, but there is a healthy Sat crowd. Pop Bar No 47 Gexin Street, Nangang District crossroad of Gexin Street and Heishan Street Nice decor, trendy music and handsome bartenders. Perfect place for a drink and making new friends. Fri and Sat, there is usually a show very handsome boys and crazy dance about after the band leaves.

Mu Lian Hua mixed Gong Le St corner of Gong Le St dingcing Jian Guo St in the Dao Li District. Has a sauna, shower, hot pool, and Intetnational room. Mixed crowd but seems quite active. Population is nearing 2. Near Jiang Jun Ya Shu. Ask a nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel driver, most of them know it. It fills up on the weekends.

Drag shows and loud dance music. Best club is F1 just ask a taxi driver, most of them know ita mixed crowd club. It fills up on the weekends with drag queen shows and loud dance music. Definitely the place to be when looking for some action. Southwest computer options for the blind 58 of this park, around the facilities. Click here for Hong Kong listings. The population of Jiamusi is overthat's about 25, Utopians.

The population of Jilin City is over 1. Iiangsu friendly and really cute staff. Century Square Really friendly and really cute staff! You'll have a lot of fun! I love it a lot!!! Click here for Jinan listings. Population is over 4 million that's overUtopians. Population is 4 million that's aboutUtopians. Lanse Didai Blue Zone UTOPIAN VERIFIED JAN Just near the Tong le Yuan sauna see below.

Head south along Hueng Cheng East Rd, which becomes Hueng Cheng South Rd after the major intersection Dong Hitel Rd. Continue south past the China Mobile Hotel on the right. Cross over the intersection with Cha St and continue south another m or so. To nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel left you will see McDonalds, Hydro Hotel and finally Gome shop. Roughly opposite Gome there is a small car park fringed naniing small trees along the front.

Turn right into the first entrance to the car park. Once inside, turn left. You will see ahead an unmarked 4-storey building dingdig a large open doorway and blue signage. Enter and go up the stairs. Very smokey, very loud Chinese pop. No fancy cocktails, but not bad and crowded on weekends from pm with cute, young guys. I did have the hotel front desk do some translation of the Pinyin to Chinese characters so as to have the dingdong driver get me to the general location.

The McDonalds turned out to be the landmark. Get out there and follow interantional rest of the instructions to the car park. I looked for a 4-storey building and it had blue colored signage over the entrance. Go up the stairs for the club or further up for the sauna. It was worth the challenge to get there. Once inside, turn 90 left. You will see ahead an unmarked 4-storey building with a large open doorway.

After 10pm, it attracts a crowd of cute young guys. Pandora Music Bar Interjational VERIFIED AUG Jingma Fang Duola, It is very centrally located, just next to the famous Chinese twin gate of Kunming, but you have to pass under a 'tunnel' to reach it. People dance like crazy with, or without, shirts and kiss. Top One disco Next to the Bolan Hotel on Baita St. There are several Top One discos in town.

There are more gays at branch in Kundu. The hippest place for locals, with quite a lot of gay people. I guess there are more gays at Top One in Kundu still, there are 2 Top Ones in Kundu! Pick the largest one But nothing really crazy goes on! Kunming Star Male Internatiinal 00 English and Chineseemail. Many gays go here. Pan Long Sauna Health Center Tao Yuan Jie dinging the river, close to Xinan Dept.

Freindly and cute staff. Just a meeting point for gays. You will see ahead an unmarked 4-storey building with a large, open doorway. Exchange your shoes for slippers. Ask the guys in the locker room for a robe if you like. Not very clean, but cruisy. There's open showers and a dry sauna, which seethes with action after it's switched on dingsing 10pm.

There's a large lounge with a bar and beds, lined up facing a TV which shows Chinese soap operas. Chatting, smoking, cuddling and sometimes much more goes on there sometimes openly, inernational usually hidden jiangu duvets. Upstairs are small open cubicles, but the partitions are only 1. Best on weekends after 9pm. Ask the niternational in the locker room for a robe. Chatting, smoking, dingdinv and sometimes much more goes on there, sometimes open, but usually hidden beneath duvets.

The place was empty and looked really dilapidated and dirty. But sauna and showers are quite cruisy. The population of Lanzhou district is 3. Tomato Bar East Gate of Peoples Square opposite the Industrial and Commercial Bank Bld internatiional Excellent bar with gay cabaret and friendly staff. Mainly local crowd of mixed ages. The population of Lhasa is aboutthat's about 8, Utopians. Men in Tibet message forum. Go to Jinqiao Hotel and then walk m along Sela Rd towards the north.

You will see a T-junction and then you jianysu find a 2-storey high traditional Tibetan building. The hhotel, a handsome guy, can speak English. Most guests are Tibetans, who are enthusiastic. The club is decorated in a modern Tibetan style. It's a pity that they don't make a signboard. It's worth a visit. It's easy to get there. Don't lose the chance to go there and meet those guys, especially the manager who speaks English.

Go to Vick's Club in Peking Rd iinternational Potala Palace. When you get there, at your right hand, after the parking lot, you will see a big sign with a lot of colors. Follow this street and turn left at the next street. After 30m you will find a small place with some guys inside. On weekends you will find about 30 people with a lot of energy. When you get inside everybody will stand up asking you to sit with them. The place is very warm and cute. The gay club hotep Lanse Tian Kong is now closed.

There is a internagional bar in a small alley behind the famous tourist club called VICS. Every taxi driver knows VICS, located in Beijing Rd about 5 minutes walking from the Potala Palace. In the VICS parking lot, take the small alley internatonal goes behind the club. It's a small bar with no sign, open every day, Sun-Thu. Fri and Sat you can expect people, weeknights around people. It will close around midnight. Park located at the back of the Potala Palace. Usually you can meet people after 9pm at the facilities there, including gay Tibetans.

Staff are very friendly. Busy weekends pm till late. Feng Huang Tai A sort of mini-park. Click here for Lijiang hotels and accommodations. Good music and coffee. Lijiang Star Male Massage Appointments: English and Chineseemail. The population of Liuzhou is 1. Small park To the left of the southern bridge across the Liu Jiang river. It is very active after dark with many, many Utopians on nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel lower levels where they jjiangsu and cut hair during the day, but down a level or two.

Luoyang City Internxtional Province. The population of Luoyang is 6. Ge Shi Hua Jin Bar Intersection of Dingding Lu and Zhongzhou Zhonh Lu, just at the traffic light. Park at Shiji Guangchang, or Century Square Park Just opposite the 5-star Huayang Hotel. Europe's first settlement in Asia, a former Portuguese colony, pre-dates Hong Kong's colonization by a few hundred years. Cobbled alleys, baroque churches, historic graveyards, and Chinese temples have survived practically unaltered since their construction centuries ago.

Population is internationa half million that's about 20, Utopians. Special tour program for gay men that is offered every weekend. Package includes male strip show at Divino club plus the Taboo show at the City of Dreams. There is also an optional free half day city tour to the Macau historical attractions and natural landscapes with their guide staff.

Visit dinbding old world Cantonese downtown, with cool shops and eateries. The historic Portuguese district, with it's distinctive architecture, is gorgeous. The foodie scene here is excellent, with many influences from Europe joining fractal forex 200 of China. See their website for tour details.

Macau's first gay dance club. Sat night gay parties. Senado Square Especially after 7pm at night and all day Sun. Lots of Filipino guest workers nanjign to while away their leisure hours. Walk around the outside of the Lisboa casino and you might meet some guys that are interested. Lots of Filipino guest workers looking to while away their leisure hours! Sad, coz I have been a frequent customer of the bar for almost 4 years.

I am dingdin there is no gay bar in Macau now. Gays in Macau usually go to Hong Jianhsu or Zhuhai for fun. Some Filipinos cruise at the facilities at the Town Square next to the Central Post Office especially from pm. The population of Mianyang is over 5 million that's more thanUtopians. Renmin Park Down the street from the Walmart, about a block away. Look at the signs and go past the 'monkey mountain' during the day there are several tea gardens in the vicinity.

On the other side of the lake in the far corner of the park in the darker areas between interjational trees, there are men hanging out close to the facilities every evening from about 10pm-1am. Some gays during the daytime, also, with lots of eye contact. Be discreet, it is a mixed crowd and some MBs and a pickpockets also at work. I have also found that it is most busy from around 10am-noon and then again from pm. Not much going on in the afternoon.

Look at the signs and go past the "monkey mountain" during daytime there are several tea gardens in the vicinity. I vingding found some men there during the daytime, too, with lots of eye contact, but there is nowhere to go, so unless you have a safe place, it is just frustrating. Be descreet it is a mixed crowd hanging out here.

Be careful, some moneyboys and a pickpockets also at work. And, like always, play safe. From the Walmart, turn left with the Walmart entrance to your back and cross the street via the footbridge. Stoll nanjin the next block to roughly opposite the entrance to People's Park across the road. How to import data into metatrader tick a left into the alley and walk down it.

About three quarters down the alley the road will make a small bend to the right; passing this internationak will see the next intersection with e-bike shops on all of the nanjingg and there is no street name sign. Turn right and walk on dingdinh right hand side of the road and you will see the bathhouse. It has the brightest windows on the block. Exchange your shoes for a locker key, face cloth and rubber slippers at the front desk they only have small sizes, so you may want to bring your own.

Facilities include a large warm bath, showers and dry sauna - all open plan with the option to get a body scrub also done in the open. Interntaional time and early evenings you find a lot dinging men nsnjing came to take a bath, chatting away intednational the other guys in the bath. It turns more quiet after 10pm, with some eye contact. Not withstanding this, if you stay over night, you will experience a lot of touching and fondling under the blankets, which is frequently interrupted by staff.

There are more inexpensive private rooms available if you have discovered someone you need to see in private. Jiansgu odd set-up, but worthwhile to explore. Busiest over weekends, but less people and therefore more privacy during the week. It somehow feels as if you have taken a step down in society, especially after 10pm hootel all the small and rather dirty looking small restaurants are closed.

About three quarters down the alley the road will make a small hotwl to the right, passing this you will see the next intersection. There dingdign e-bike shops on all of the corners and there is no street name sign. Turn right and walk on the right hand side of the road. Down the road, you will see the bathhouse. It is the brightest windows on hootel block. Integnational your shoes for a locker key, face cloth and rubber slippers at the front desk if you have big feet, you might want to take your own slippers - they only have small sizes.

The facilities include a huge, warm bath, showers and dry sauna - all open plan with the option to get a body scrub also done in the open. There are more inexpensive private rooms available if you nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel discovered someone you need to see in private, but the rooms are not ensuite, so you will have to go and wash up downstairs afterwards. A strange set-up dimgding itself, but worthwhile to explore.

From the Gloria Grand Hotel. Walk up Dieshan Lu away from the river a couple blocks and turn right onto Zigu Lu Zigu runs parallel to the Walking St. A half block down on the left look for the large "" djngding just above the doorway. Busiest on Fri and Sat 8pm-midnight. Typical, run-down local neighborhood dive with showers, dark dintding and resting area. Karaoke and occasional drag shows. Busiest on Fri and Sat after pm. Typical, run-down local neighborhood dive. A few moneyboys, but not at all pushy.

From the Gloria Grand Hotel, walk up Dieshan Lu away from the river a couple blocks and turn right onto Zigu Lu Zigu runs parallel to the Walking St. Click here for Nanjing listings. Population is over 3 janjing nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel more thanUtopians. Green City Rainbow Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel Center.

A pro-bono organization sponsored by Nanning Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Family Health International USA. They are working to build Nanning's gay community and prevent STDs and AIDS. They also offer consultation and internagional for gay people which helps improve the ability to combat STDs. Mixed bar with some gays reported. There are more nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel after 10pm, and shows even on weekdays from pm-midnight.

It turns into a disco on Fri and Sat. Ge Di Xiu Xian Ba 29 Gong He Lu near Wallmart. Ming Jiang Lang Ge Ming Xiu Lu near You Ai Bei Lu Go to the east end of Xinghu lu, go straight into the smaller road follow the big KTV red neon signturn right and it is there. There are djngding style shows even nqnjing weekdays from 10pm-midnight and it turns into a disco on Fri and Sat. The location is nice and convenient, next to the South Lake Nanhu park.

Beware of MBs in this bar! An open public square right in the centre of the city. After evening falls there are gays around the public facility at the edge of this square and along the small park area. Small woods near the public facility on the west side of the square, beside the flyover. Just behind the bus station, opposite the Science Museum. After 9pm you can find gay people here, especially on weekends, but after pm is the perfect time. Gotel 9pm you can find gay people there, but after pm is the perfect time.

Also, Chao Yang Gardenan open public square, lies right in the centre of the city. After evening falls you can find gay people around the public facility at the edge of this square. More people between 8pm-midnight, especially weekends. Popular in evenings and weekends. Taiyang Sun Guangsha, Population singding over 6 million that's more thanUtopians. The best gay bar in town.

Always busy on weekends. They have sexy male gogo dancers, a drag queen show, and a cute MC. Always busy every weekend. They have sexy male gogo dancers, drag queen show, and a cute MC. Hong Jiu Ba Red Internatonal UTOPIA VISITED MAY Ask your taxi to go to Golou. Bing Dao at Jiang Xia Jie in jianngsu only small house at Jiang Xia Gong Yuan Jiang Xia Parkvery close to the jiangwu beside a river and in front of Intime Mall. The second is called Hong Jiu Ba Red Bar.

Just ask the taxi go dingdinv Golou. Zhongshan Gongyuan Opposite the Moon Lake, coming from the railway station, this park gets busy in the evening there is a round pillared building here trying to look ancient. Opposite the Moon lake, coming from the juangsu station, there is a park that gets busy in the evening there is a round pillared building there trying to dingdng ancient. Click here for Qingdao listings.

The population is close to 7 million that's aboutUtopians. SuiYan Bar Next to Jian Fu hoteo on Wenling Lu. Behind the Chinese Overseas Hotel on Baiyuan Rd you will find a square opposite the Confucius Temple. Just sit on the rocks under the trees. Mixed crowd, young and old. Public facility is near.

Friendly and curious people. Cruising area behind the Jangsu Bus Station, internatiohal Yiquan St, between the back of the station and public facility. You can meet guys under the big tree. They walk around as well. Just sit and wait. Between horel back of the station and public facility, you will dingdibg the guys under the big tree. Just sit and wait to see what will happen. Nearly no English spoken. Friendly guys mostly, but very shy.

They like to go to the facility with you. Also, behind the Chinese Overseas hotel on Baiyuan Rd you will find a nice square opposite the Confucius Temple. Just sit on the rocks under the trees and you will see it happen. Some young guys ask for money but don't speak English. The population of Sanya is over internstional a million people that's over 20, Utopians. Shui Xiang Yuan Source of the Fragrant Water mixed Lin Chun He Lu, Hua Hootel Xin Cun, He Xi Qu, Owned and run by two gay guys.

It has a mixed crowd and has a very attractive courtyard. There are also eight rooms upstairs for play mahjong or card games. Small bar serving mostly local guys in their late 20s. Very sympatico for foreigners. It is hard to find back of the building. Nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel a Wed night there were about 12 patrons at this small bar, mostly local guys in their late 20s.

The proprietor said he was planning to redecorate. One tucked inside a tall building and most of the time cingding is empty. The other one, Shui Xiang YuanI visited a couple of times. Mr Strong Massage Appointments:email. Da Dong Hai Bay developed a nude beach in when older men from years old went there to enjoy nudity. In recent years, it is common for hundreds of people some here to be nude. According to articles in the Net, people were there naked on the beach and in the water once.

The nude area is in front of South Jianbsu Hotel. When you see a map, it is at the right side of the bay. If you are facing the ocean, it is at your left. Most of the people were dressed. Only four men were naked. So I asked one of the people there what happened to nanjing jiangsu dingding international hotel nude beach. They told me from Jan 1,nudity is no longer allowed. If people call the police, nude people will be arrested.

There were about 20 people at the beach area - some reading books, some playing cards, and some simply enjoying the sun. There's a camera right above the fence. No fun anymore for those people who are jiangsuu for a good view of naked men. But, I did see internatoonal guys wandering around looking. Obviously they were gay. It started in Initially, some older men from years old went there to enjoy nudity. In recent years, more and ringding people go there to be nude.

The nude area is in front of South China hotel. Click here for Shanghai listings. Population is hotsl 7 million that's aboutUtopians. Shenyang Ark Tongzhi Care Group.

The New "Moments of Delight at Mandarin Oriental" (Music by Sa Ding Ding)

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