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But that's not the case, unfortunately. Because of the influx in forex robots and forex systems being released right now, our reviewing as been slowed but our user kinghts have not. There is a caveat here. Hector is an excellent trader and his course forex knights is probably the best course available on the market. Just pure market analysis at its finest.

File a case Brokers who use metatrader 5 quart I know this from personal experience. I discovered later, that all this Forex info can be found on the Internet for FREE! Not to mention that his courses can be found on the Net for free as well. I chalked it up as a loss and kept moving on with my Forex learning, best trading software for forex knights being wiser about what to believe by these so-called Forex teachers.

After over two years from purchasing Hector's course, he came up with his Forex Knights Signal Service. That went active this past July. Well, after two years of basically trying everything under the sun and not working, I said to myself, oh what the heck, let me give it a best trading software for forex knights. I will use a credit card, which I didn't have back then, and figured if it was more BS, then I will just do a charge back.

The next day on Twitter, they said that the Signal Service was being suspended for the rest of the month of August because of the Holiday season. Must be some Holiday season in Europe that I'm not aware of. There is a caveat here. August is suppose to be the worst month to trade Forex. But that still doesn't make up for the fact that Hector and his crew of personal traders should of been sending signals and wasting their clients time and money during that time.

On top of that, did they send an email or notification to their monthly clients not to be concerned about the last two weeks of August being suspended, and that their clients subscription would be extended for the first two weeks of the following month? No, they didn't even have the courtesy of doing that. So after that, I proceeded to do a credit card charge back with their dubious pay service SafeCart. Do a Google search on SafeCart. I submitted the proof that Forex Knights Signal Service wasn't profitable and my credit card company credited me back again.

It remains to be seen whether or not SafeCart tries to reverse the charges once again. If they do, I will play ping pong with them until it's over. I had an epiphany If there was even a small sample of good courses out there that were legitimate, then those numbers over the years would have been revised to reflect that. But that's not the case, unfortunately.

The numbers stay the same and we like fools keep thinking that this one course, this one indicator, has got to be it! Trust me, the only people making money at Forex are the people selling their BS courses like Hector Deville. This person can't even supply a past record of successful trading. I learned the hard way, that is a big red flag right there!

Take heed, or learn the hard way. I have several courses and studies for over ten years. This by far the best course, incredibly detailed, and Hector and Jacob are always on hand to help out. For those who want to take it even further, the live trading room option offers absolutely everything we need to trade profitably straight away. The mentoring course and the live room are easily the best investments I have ever made.

Hector is an excellent trader and his course forex knights is probably the best course available on the market. His course is the most comprehensive for a new forex trader and I would say the only thing they need to be successful. I am experienced trader and have bought literally hundreds of courses but I would say forex knight is the best available for price action trading. Also, his trading room is excellent. He review most pairs like on any day twice in a day and would let you know the best setups for the day.

He also provides a line copier which basically copies all his charts to your computer screen, so, you can see all the lines on his charts copied to your charts and if you see an arrow present on the chart you should take that trade. He also provides daily and weekly market review videos at the end of day and would let you know of any potential trading opportunities.

I understand other people complaining about emails etc. To sum up, I would say his course is excellent for any beginner or even experienced traders and you should definitely give it a go at least the free trial. There is no way to contact Forex Knights. I'm getting a monthly charge for the trading room which I do NOT WANT OR USE. Do you know of a way to contact Hector Deville? Review Moderation Note: Try this link There is no reply What actually he was doing???

I used hector's mentoring program. Hector promises a year email support as part for this program. I though fair enough I haven't paid for it so no reason for him to replied. Others may have had a different experience with Hector from me but I did not pay to learn and instead get ignore. As such, I mailed Hector within my 30day period on Oct 27th telling him I no longer wish to continue with his program and want a full refund as promised. I will take my money elsewhere, where I can get the support required.

It is now Nov12th and no reply. Can best trading software for forex knights advice me what to do next please. I have used all 5email addresses I have found to contact Hector but to no avail. St Hectors Forex Knights is excellent. I send this review to anyone willing to learn the real way how to make money and trade succesfully. No get rich quick scheme. Just pure market analysis at its finest. Ive tried most ways to make money in this market and all have failed except Hecots systems.

His teaching is clear and he really shows passion in what he does. The forex knights forum is excellent, gives all Hectors students a chance to share their analysises and have moderators and other students critique and comment. The forum costs but its worth it. Charging money keeps out the bullshit you find in public forums. Well worth every cent. Live discussion Join live discussion of ForexKnights.

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