Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses

The Best Way to Trade Oil. Below are a few charts showing you how I see things at this time. Oil looks to have put in a short term bottom and if we get a small pullback in the coming days Tradw test the intraday chart breakout level and touch the support trend line we could look to take a position. GLD — Gold Exchange Traded Fund. Traderd you can see from the chart below the red broadening pattern is starting to concern me.

Last weeks price action unfolded just as we expected. Money poured into stocks with the focus being on small cap, banks and technology stocks. The fact that these sectors are showing strength while utilities, health care and consumer staples lag is a good sign that investors are once again taking risks in the market. Because investors and traders are bullish on the stock market again the money flow into the safe havens like Traade metals and energy has decreased. I believe this is the reason stocks moved up last week while precious metals drifted lower.

Below are weekly charts Natural Gas, Crude Oil and the Dollar showing what I think is most likely to happen in the next few weeks and what should fuel the fire. Natural Gas — Weekly Chart. Natural has been out of favor for the past 3 months with most rPices the Silvver happening recently as seen on the chart. In my opinion natural gas is over sold and about ready for a bounce. The price of NG is now trading at a key support level but until the selling momentum stops and reverses back up I would steer clear of this commodity play.

Natural gas is known for taking peoples money time and time again so trade this commodity very carefully. Crude Oil — Weekly Chart. Crude oil has been trading in a channel for several months and is now testing the upper level. If we see the US Dollar drop in the coming weeks then I expect oil to surge higher along with natural gas. US Dollar Index — Daily Chart. Last month the dollar finally reached a key resistance level of I have been talking about this major resistance level since January as the Dollar would find it difficult to break above this level.

There is a strong chance we could see 78 reached which is the measured move down. If we get follow through selling next week then I would expect 78 to be reached within weeks and over the next few months we could very well test TTrade low of Higher prices seem to be where the best odds are. As a technical analyst Dugest above charts are pointing to higher prices in the coming weeks for natural gas and crude oil, which is exciting for us all.

That is why I continue to wait for my signature low risk setup before putting any money to work. My focus Lpsses to take the least amount of trades possible each year, only focusing on the best of the best setups. I use several different types of analysis to confirm if a setup has a high probability of winning and those which do are the trades I take along with my Silger. It is very important to wait for the market to confirm a move higher before taking a position when there is this type of setup.

The market could go either way quickly and jumping the gun is not a safe bet. If you would like to receive my Free energy Trading Reports fill out the form below:. Over the past month the gold and silver markets have taken a good drubbing. Silver has dropped from Investors can hold them for the long haul, there is no contract switching every few months, investors can buy as much or as little as they want and there is no need to worry about a leveraged position.

The chart below is the silver ETF with the symbol SLV. Because the precious metals are a global commodity and one that has been in the spotlight lately, like most commodities they trade on a world wide scale hours per day. Technicians call them price gaps when they appear Sifeways a chart pattern. When investors awake to learn that gold or silver is down heavy overseas, the natural tendency for short term traders is to bail out on the open for fear of losing more money than they already have.

The chart below is a ounce silver futures contract. Notice how there is only one price gap on the entire chart since the top price in January. That is because this contract trades 22 hours per day and price gaps only reflect the changes that occur Teaders about 5 PM to PM EST time. The remainder of the time the market is open somewhere in the world and the globex market is linked to all of them. Therefore an investor can avoid nasty drops in price over night by choosing to trade a futures contract.

Futures contracts are not for everyone as the mini contract has ounces as a minimum and most be rolled over every three months or so to a new contract. Most of the time there is a few cents difference in price as well and this is called a premium. For someone who is buying shares of the silver Digeest and is an in and out short term trader might want to consider trading futures.

Another advantage is the ease of which one can short these contracts. It only requires a click of the button. Trading in futures is a leveraged game Lossees while the gains can be magnified, so can the losses. However once in a while these contracts can fluctuate a bit more in after hours when trading is thin. The chart below shows that silver has suffered some technical damage on the charts Trdaers should have technicians concerned. Over the past 14 months silver has been in an uptrend defined by a parallel channel that has recently been broken on the downside and it has done so on heavy volume.

The break of the lower channel line confirms this downside momentum and has considerably weakened the technical picture. We can see how the 16 dollar area was a key support level and when it got taken out a lot of stop loss orders were probably lying underneath that target area. Investors who had bought last spring saw all of their gains taken away in a Loses short months and the panic selling that ensued can be witnessed by looking at the volume spike. Investors should not be totally surprised.

This pattern has been more often than not the modus operandi during the bull market run of the past 9 years. We can see by the seasonal chart below that this time period is usually met with a sell-off that lasts unto month end. Readers of my past articles have been shown the following chart before in other updates. The chart above shows that gold recently took out a very important support area.

For a few months the area in gold and the area in the gold ETF GLD has been a key point technicians have been focused on. The important thing about a channel or support line is not whether it is penetrated by price but what price does immediately afterward. For the moment Diest is trying to make its mind up as to whether it will forge forward here or breakdown to the next support area on the chart. The next major channel line on our chart is all the way down Sikver the 95 area on the chart.

However, if we look at the September high and the October low during this rally we can make a case for support at the area. For gold this would equate to the area in spot gold. So at this current moment we remain neutral in the precious metals waiting for gold to make its decision on the next leg it is to embark on. Ever since the December Tfaders at the gold market has been in a correction that has shaved off about dollars from peak to bottom.

We can see that each Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses rally above the moving averages has ended up in failure. Last week, spot gold touched the area, just 10 dollars shy of the original breakout point of The area is also the place where India made their large purchase of gold last fall and from which the news launched the market much higher when it was announced they had purchased tons of the precious metal.

Thus there are two key areas for gold to watch for. First a move back above the support shelf of in gold would at least put gold back in a neutral pattern instead of a downtrend. Then if gold can above the Trad it would provide impetus for a potential test of the highs at and In summary, the February time frame is usually a weak time for gold and usually leads to a spring rally.

The early peak in December opens up the potential for gold to attempt a March or April rally. In the meantime, one would be wise to watch the current areas of support. In my past few updates I have advocated that a great play is to sell some precious metal holdings in early winter and raise some cash into the spring. Not only is this good due to the seasonal tendencies of gold to correct but it allows one to begin to deploy forex trading companies in nigeria online of that cash into the crude oil market in late February.

As you can see the oil market is usually much more seasonal in trend and that time of the year is approaching. As you can see below, the crude oil chart shows price from March, and All three times oil turned out to be a great buy. The current pullback from the 83 area got as low Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses 71 before reversing this week and price is right at the and 50 day averages.

Thus the day average is one place we should be on watch for as support. We are close enough now that we should be on guard for a seasonal low. Should there be a selloff as in the precious metals; the area would offer a good chance at a seasonal bottom. If the rally has already begun the day average or more importantly about 5 dollars below it would be a good support Diges.

We are constantly watching for low risk set-ups to get our subscribers into plays like this. Feel free to check this website for my past reports. They have advocated the same strategy as I have in this article. Why not drop by our website and see what we might have for low risk entry opportunities as we await the potential seasonal trend changes and position Tdade to take advantage of them.

Deciphering the SP Trend. The SP and the markets topped one day after my Jan 18th forecast to our subscribers that the market had met all conditions for an interim top. This followed my Feb 25th, forecast for a huge bull market rally which we rode with aggressive stock trading. I am now forecasting an ABC correction likely lasting months into June. The market moves in very clear herding behavioral patterns, and we identify those early and trade accordingly at How to trade foreign exchange variance Banister.

Here are his latest views, and you can read more at www. The past three weeks have been interesting to watch as the Dow DIA ETF has broadened causing traders to be shaken in and out of positions. Commodities have been under pressure as the US dollar has risen. Below are some charts of these investments and what I think could happen in the next couple weeks.

DIA — Exchange Traded Fund. As you can see the broadening formation is bearish as it results in a short term pullback. This type of price action is what frustrates breakout and novice traders. As traders jump into positions once the previous high is broken, they hope for a rally. Instead the market briefly moves higher then reverses and moves down to penetrate the previous pivot low. This is where breakout traders place their stops and as the market knows this, it obliges by moving below this level to shake out these traders before it rallies again.

That being said, it looks like stocks Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses make a new high this week, just enough to suck in more short term breakout traders before rolling over once again to test a deeper support level. DIA ETF Trade GLD — Gold Exchange Traded Fund. The strengthening dollar is putting pressure on precious metals Traed gold testing the first support level. Depending on what the dollar does in the coming days we could see gold test the second support level.

In my opinion gold can test the second support level without triggering any major sell signals for traders and investors. The trend will still be up and it is important to know the horizontal support level is more important than a trend line support level. GLD Gold Trend SLV — Exchange Traded Fund. Silver is in the same boat at gold. Only time will tell if we get a bounce or a further test lower.

Either way, the underlying trend is still up and we will be able trade it. SLV Silver Trading USO — Oil Exchange Traded Fund. Oil broke down out of its bull flag last week and is currently testing both trend line support and horizontal support levels. Taking money off the table at each resistance level and raising your stop is an important money management strategy I use for this type of play.

This is a high risk type of play which I am not taking part in. But I do find it fun to track plays like this for educational reasons. How to trade Oil UNG — Natural Gas Exchange Traded Fund. The natural gas fund is a touchy topic with so many traders. My answer is very simple, it works perfectly fine for short Tradrrs trading which lasts days.

I do agree UNG is tougher than other ETFs to trade, Sdeways it still makes money and that is what our goal is. Anyways natural gas has found some support and is bouncing around. We could see it trend sideways or up until a test of our blue resistance trend line is reached. From there we can asses the situation for a possible trade.

The underlying trend Lossfs down on the monthly and weekly charts so do not get too excited about going long anytime soon. UNg Natural Gas Trade ETF Trading Conclusion:. Overall the market feels a little top heavy and the price action on the charts are saying the same thing. My short term indicators are telling me the Dow DIA fund is over bought and ready for a couple days of selling.

With any luck we will see a test of support which will flush out most short term traders this week, then a nice low Pricex rally going into Christmas. On the other hand, the market has been holding up well and prices could continue to drift higher from here. If that is the case we simply continue to hold our current long positions and enjoy the ride. Silver and gold are testing support levels and if the market continues to rally here, I figure precious metals will follow.

But if we see stocks pull back and test support, then we will most likely see the metals Lisses back further also. Crude oil has formed a scary Siveways chart as it flushes out traders on this recent drop. My general rule for spec plays Lodses to buy when the chart looks scary, but is trading at multiple support levels. It is very difficult to buy at these levels but as my good buddy David Banister from ActiveTradingPartners.

Meaning buy when everyone is panicking out of their positions, and sell when everyone is buying into the move usually seen by high volume levels and much higher prices. Natural Gas is jumping around like crazy. We continue to wait for a tradable price pattern to form in conjunction with a support or resistance level to help put the odds more on our side.

If you would like to receive my Free ETF Trading Newsletter: Since the market crash in late we Diigest seen investors favor quality stocks that pay dividends and have steady earnings. Fast growth companies and equities with physical resources like commodities have also done well. Looking at the monthly chart as far back aswe see that gold has formed the same patterns repeatedly. This has created a stair step pattern and allows us to calculate measured moves and a time frame for this to take place.

As we can see gold has broken its high and is starting another rally which we have Trave several times before. Investors around the world Priced buying gold because it is a physical product which has been proven to hold its value. Silver and PM stocks have been trading in tandem since and we can see this by looking at a price performance chart of Sipver silver and the HUI index. The interesting part is that the physical commodity silver has held its value better than the stocks during corrections.

Apparently investors prefer tangible investments over stock certificates of mining companies in periods of Aa volitility. Lower risk is in the commodity. Silver Newsletter Oil — Monthly Chart. Crude oil has held its value over energy stocks for the majority of the time since And currently, investors are more comfortable holding oil as a safe investment over energy stocks. Oil Newsletter Natural Gas — Monthly Chart. The world has found so much natural gas in the ground and discovered cost effective ways to collect gas that it will continue to see investors move away until inventory start to deplete.

Natural Gas Trading Commodity Trading Conclusion:. Investors around the world continue to put money into gold which is a universal hedge against inflation. The broad market appears to be trading at a major resistance level. Tops in the market generally take a much longer than to reverse directions than market bottoms. We will not knot for sure Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses we are entering a top for a couple months as the charts unfold.

Now that commodities are trading back at reasonable levels I think they will hold up better than equities if the market starts to correct. We continue to enter low risk setups and trade with this strong up trend but are aware that we must be protected and focus on the lower risk plays. If you would like to receive my weekly trading reports please join my reports newsletter: So far this week has been generous with our commodity ETFs moving higher, other than natural gas which is clearly in a bear market.

Each of the commodity ETF trading charts below is at a different stage and it will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks. Trading ETFs is very rewarding when done properly and using multiple time frames for timing your entry and exit points is crucial. My main focus is on the weekly and daily charts but I use a 30 minute intraday chart when the time comes to actually pick an exact buy or sell point.

Below I have provided both the weekly and daily chart so you can see how Lossew same ETF looks completely different on the two time frames. The weekly chart a nice multi month rally but is now starting to go parabolic straight Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses. When this happens I start tightening my stops so that I can lock in maximum gains.

Now jump over to the daily chart and notice that gold has rallied longer than the previous move in early October. It looks overbought and ready for a pullback. Pullbacks on strong rallies like this tend to be hard and fast as stop orders get triggered Trqde prices tumbling down on heavy volume. My general thought is 5 days up in an investment is given back in 1 down day. This is why I scale out of Silverr when they are looking long in the tooth and ready for profit taking.

Silver had been under performing gold for several weeks but made up some nice ground this week. Gold and silver tend to trade together so if gold pulls back I figure silver will also. That being said the weekly chart of silver looks ready to rocket higher for another week or so. While gold and silver have been moving higher oil has been flagging sideways taking a breather.

Both the weekly and the daily charts are aligned for a nice move higher if the trend and charts follow through on their patterns. We could get some tradable action in the next couple days. Natural gas is really starting to slide. This could be the start of a waterfall sell off which is a sharp heavy volume sell off that lasts days.

Natural Gas ETF Trading Newsletter Commodity ETF Trading Conclusion:. To sum everything up the gold and silver ETFs are on fire as they continue to surge higher. Being ready for a sharp reversal is important if you want to lock in gains on Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses portion of your position. Crude oil is taking its time but looking ripe for a breakout higher. We continue to watch for some action. We are waiting for a shorting opportunity or an oversold condition to play a day bounce.

Quick Trading Tip: If you have a position which has Digfst well and has moved up for an extended period of time be sure to draw some trend lines and tighten your stop, or set a stop, under a tight trend line. If you get a pullback to a support level previous breakout level you can buy back your other part of your position at a lower price. If you would like to receive my Free Trading Reports, Silvwr optin to my newsletter.

Commodities continue to perform well as the US dollar tests the October lows. If we step back and take a look at the weekly charts of the gold, silver, oil and natural gas ETFs we can get a better feel for what to expect in the coming week. Trading commodity ETFs can be a very fun and profitable experience when done correctly. The first things I always analyze are the longer time-frame charts.

This allows me to see past support and resistance levels and determine whether the investment is trending up, down or sideways. GLD ETF — Weekly Chart. The weekly trend is crucial for understanding the power behind price movements. We can see that the GLD ETF is in a strong up-trend and that price closed at the high on Friday which is a strong sign. I would expect to see gold continue higher on Monday because of this strong momentum.

A breakout above the handle will trigger investors to buy gold. ETF Dkgest GLD GLD ETF — Daily Chart for Trading the Trend. Using GLD as an example, the Silfer has Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses up for several months on the weekly chart. So we know buying low and selling high is the proper strategy for this investment. The weekly chart above shows this.

Buy Signal for GLD — Using the daily chart we focus on buying pullbacks when the price is near a support level and reverses back up. Profit Taking — I am not a greedy trader so I take profits after a nice run in prices. So once I reach that level I start tightening my stops and trend lines to lock in some gains. I let the balance of the position run with the market providing Aw wiggle room for GLD to mature.

GLD ETF Pivot Low SLV ETF — Weekly Chart. SLV has yet to breakout above the high. But the chart is still very strong. SLV ETF Trading USO Fund — Weekly Chart. The USO fund continues to look bullish as it consolidates the breakout with volume getting lighter. We could see a bounce this week and if we do I will be watching for a low risk entry setup. Oil ETF Trading UNG Fund — Weekly Chart.

UNG continues to trend down and under perform the market. The price has been sliding lower slowly on light volume. This type of price action is not as predictable when compared to others. I will wait for a proper setup before buying an oversold bounce or shorting after a bounce. Gas ETF Trading Commodity ETF Trading Conclusion:. Trade with the underlying weekly trend and you will put Trader odds in your favor. I use the daily chart and 30 minute intraday charts for timing my trades as those time frames have proven to be very accurate with commodity ETF investments.

WE continue to be hold our golden rocket stocks and GLD fund. If the market co-operates this week we could get some trading signals for both Canadian and US ETF funds. If you would like to receive my Free Gold Trading Newsletter Everyone is talking about commodities as the place to be in the coming months. I tend to agree, but it is still important to know where each commodity is trading to maximize returns and reduce risk. That being said we are also seeing money flow Tradr of the small cap stocks and into the large cap blue chips Stocks.

This can be seen by simply looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Russell index as the Russell has dropped in value much more than the Dow. But if we see the market turn back up and make a new yearly high in the coming weeks, small cap stocks will most likely provide explosive opportunities for traders. GLD ETF Trading — Weekly Trading Chart. By looking at the weekly chart of gold we can see two simple things. GLD ETF Trading — Daily Trading Chart.

This chart shows the same price action but on a daily chart. It also shows Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses way to find and trade low risk setups for the GLD ETF traded fund. SLV ETF Trading — Weekly Trading Chart. Silver ETF trading has not been as exciting. Silver has yet to breakout above the high. It is actually trading at a major resistance level and still has some Dlgest to be done before looking really bullish in my eyes.

This is acting like major resistance level for two main reasons. There are a lot of sellers to flush out before moving higher. UNG Fund Trading — Daily Trading Chart. UNG has been sliding lower and lower since hitting its head on resistance back in October. The gap down on Friday is bearish indicating traders are starting to panic out of UNG and willing to get out at Sidewas price.

UNG Fund Trading — Natural Gas Seasonality Timing. UNG and the seasonality chart seem to be spot on for timing the price Silvfr natural gas. Keeping an eye on seasonality and general market seasonal patterns can really help improve ones performance. It may be better to trade stocks or commodities, or maybe just carry more cash depending on the timing and situation the market is in.

USO Fund Trading — Daily Trading Chart. USO has broken out from its large multi month consolidation from August — early October and is now forming a bull flag. While this flag could last a couple months I have feeling we will see a breakdown or a breakout sooner than later. This is just a gut feel and I will continue to watch and wait for a low risk setup. Commodity Trading Newsletter Conclusion:. To sum up next weeks market action I feel it will not be anything to write home about.

Gold and silver will most likely trade sideways or up, natural gas should continue lower and crude oil should trade sideways. With any luck stocks will continue to rally and test the highs once again. GLD ETF continues to be our investment of choice as it provides the more accurate low risk setups time and time again.

With any luck we could get some low risk setups this week but I am not counting on it. We are seeing controlled profit taking which is making the market choppy. Many Trwde are getting very bearish on the market which is a good thing in my opinion. According to my market internals, sentiment and volume analysis we should get a shake out sharp dip which would make traders exit their positions before the market continues higher.

Either way the trend is up on the daily and weekly charts and companies are making money. Buying on over sold dips has been very profitable this year. Until I see things drastically change, this is my strategy for the broad market. HUI — Gold Stocks Index. Recently we have seen money move Tarde of gold stocks but with the majority of them trading at support trend line we could see some fireworks this Siddways.

Gold Mining Stocks Trading Gold — GLD Exchange Traded Fund. Gold has been trading sideways as investors and traders digest the previous rally higher. The recent price action looks similar to the September rally and consolidation. Lets hope for a another move higher without getting shaken out of our positon. Gold ETF Trading Newsletter Silver — SLV Exchange Traded Fund. Silver is in much of the same situation as gold. We Tarde waiting to see what happens here at these support levels.

Oil has been making a strong rally after breaking out of is multi month consolidation pattern. We are now looking for some type of pullback or test of breakout for another low risk entry point. Crude Oil ETF Trading Newsletter Natural Gas — UNG Exchange Traded Fund. Natural gas is having some trouble breaking out above the multi month resistance trend line. Natural Gas ETF Trading Newsletter Natural Gas, Oil, Silver and Gold Exchange Traded Fund Conclusion:.

Overall, the market feels ready for quick snapback to shake traders out of profitable positions. I expect a resumption of the up trend as the market slowly creeps higher at a steady pace digesting each rally with sideways movement. I know many people are shorting the broad market and that is Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses something I am willing to do yet. Until I see a drastic change, long positions are my bread and butter.

Once the market does reverse, there will be plenty of time to play the short side using the Leveraged ETFs. Commodities are taking a breather but with our support trend lines nearing I expect some movement this week. A lot of money is going to be exchanging hands quickly and the key is to be on the receiving end of things. Below are some charts showing where these commodities are trading.

How to Trade Gold Siler Weekly Chart. How I Lodses gold is relatively straight forward. I use a simple trading model which allows me to identify the down side risk Digezt a potential gold trade. I also use the same model for trading oil, gas and silver. Beyond finding good entry Tradw, it is crucial to know when to take some profits off the table. The weekly gold chart clearly shows gold trading at a resistance level which means there are going to be more sellers than buyers, hence the reason it is called resistance?.

To trade gold I enter Sidrways my low risk entry points and sell half my position once I reach a resistance level. Today for example gold moved up into this long term resistance level and then started to Silger south. We took some profits off the table before gold dipped in the late afternoon for a healthy gain. Gold Newsletter How to Trade Crude Oil — Weekly Chart.

Trading crude oil is exciting because it moves much faster than gold. All these things combined allow for highly accurate trades with minimal down side Sidfways. Crude oil looks ready to make a big move. The odds are pointing to higher prices because oil has a multi month bullish price action and the falling US dollar helps increase the price of oil. How To Trade Crude Oil Breakout How to Trade Oil USO Fund — Weekly Chart.

USO tracks similarly to the price of crude oil and it provides some great trades for both swing traders and day traders. I focus on trades that bounce off support with low downside risks, which occur on both the daily Sidewats weekly charts. How to Trade Oil How to Trade Natural Gas — Weekly Chart. Natural gas is looking ready to bottom here. How to trade Natural Gas How to Trade Natural Gas — Daily Chart.

The daily chart shows a perfect waterfall sell off with the price of natural gas dropping to a long term support level. This pattern combination shows panic selling which indicates a short term bottom is close. The extreme panic selling and sharp decline in price, removes much of the down side risk. Scaling into a position over a few days, if the price continues to move lower, is important for this strategy to work its magic.

The black horizontal lines show my resistance levels for taking profits. Sieways to Trade UNG How to Trade Commodities Conclusion:. The energy funds like oil and gas have some issues with following the prices of their underlying commodity but I do not find it a problem with my style of trading. I would really like to know the entire story about what is going on with the oil and Ditest gas funds which have crazy contango issues??? Why do other commodity funds like GLD gold bullion and SLV silver bullion not have these issues??

All I know is that there are a lot of dishonest people in the financial industry taking honest hard working peoples money. If you would like to receive my free weekly trading reports visit put back option missing 2 doses webpage to join my newsletter: www. Money seems to be rotating out of energy and into precious metals.

Spot Gold Bullion — Weekly Trading Chart. Gold jumped higher today breaking out of its 6 month pennant pattern. Also Gold fidelity forex account took off like rockets, which are a strong sign that gold will follow through on this breakout. It will be interesting to see what happens from here. Gold Newsletter Spot Silver Bullion — Weekly Trading Chart. Silver and silver stocks are shooting higher as well. Priced Newsletter Natural Gas — Monthly Trading Chart.

Natural gas continues to Trafe lower. The good news is that the price of natural gas is now at a major support level, which was formed as far back as The weekly natural gas chart shows much of the same price action that oil had before reversing to the up side in February of this year. I would not be surprised, if we see buyers stepping into natural gas at this level.

Natural Gas Newsletter Crude Oil — Weekly Trading Chart. Crude oil continues to trade within its bullish wedge pattern. We will be looking for a low risk entry point for oil this month using the daily chart. Crude Oil Newsletter Commodity Trading Conclusion:. Precious metals are showing strength while the energy sector continues to have selling pressure. Gold, silver, natural gas and oil look ready to make big moves in the coming weeks and, being positioned on the right side, will generate some massive profits.

Staying focused for low risk entry points is important when volatility and emotions are running high. With precious metals and precious metal stocks breaking out today on massive volume, it has traders excited or in a panic, if they are not positioned yet. I do like precious metals as a bull play here, but risk is a little higher than I would like. The past couple months precious metals have been jumping around like a yoyo, making it very difficult to find a low risk entry points.

I know many traders are in serious pain, because they bought natural gas a couple months ago, expecting a rally which did not happen. I would like to mention that I am seriously starting to think about scaling into Natural Gas over the next months. I feel Nat Gas will pay off huge over the long run, but it will take some time to bottom.

If you would like to receive my Free Weekly Trading Newsletter or my Trading Signals visit my website at: www. If you would like to receive our Free Weekly Trading Charts and Analysis please visit our website at:. Chris Vermeulen — www. Since the market crash in late we have seen investors favor quality stocks that pay dividends and have steady earnings.

Gold — Monthly Chart. Below is some analysis on gold, silver, natural gas and oil. Lets Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses a look at the commodity sector. Gold Newsletter Silver Newsletter Natural Gas Newsletter Crude Oil Newsletter Page 2 of 3 1 2 3.

Traders accused of rigging the silver market

Dec 29,  · Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses. Silver Prices Trade Sideways As Traders Digest Losses silver price to trader lower ; Silver. Daily Market Trades, Gold ETF Analysis, Oil ETF Analysis, Silver ETF and traders are bullish on the stock market again and time again so trade this. The COT Report: Terrifying in the Extreme in Silver. of the Big 4 and 8 traders in silver continues to redefine the silver and crude prices are now.

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