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See Variants : Detachable box magazine ; capacities:. Design work on a new family of pistols commenced in September focused primarily on the U. Special Operations Command USSOCOM and which would later result in the Mk 23 Mod 0. The USP was formally introduced in January [3] with the USP40 model the base version chambered for the increasingly popular. When a cartridge is fired, pressures generated by the ignited powder drive the cartridge casing back against the breech face on the slide, driving back both the barrel and slide as they remain locked together in the manner described above.

A shaped lug on the underside of the barrel chamber comes into contact with a hooked locking block at the end of the steel recoil spring guide rod, lowering the rear end of the barrel and stopping the barrel's rearward movement. This tapered surface produces a camming action which assists in positive lock-up in the presence of heavy fouling and debris. In this way, the USP shares many design ssian with the M pistolalthough apparently updated for easier operation.

One of the most significant features of the USP is the mechanical recoil reduction system. This system is incorporated into the recoil spring assembly, located below the barrel and consists of a heavy, captive coil spring around the guide rod. The USP recoil reduction system is insensitive to ammunition types and does not require adjustment or maintenance. It functions effectively in all USP models.

Abuse and function-testing of USPs have seen more than 20, rounds of. Milspec environmental tests were moddel in high and low temperatures, in mud, immersed in water and in salt spray. In one particular test, a bullet was deliberately lodged in the barrel and another bullet was fired to clear the obstruction. The barrel was successfully cleared with only minor structural deformation and continued to produce consistent groups when test fired for accuracy. Outside metal surfaces, such as the steel slide are protected by a proprietary "Hostile Environment" nitride finish.

This is done by retracting the slide back to align the slide stop axis pin with the disassembly notch on the left side of the slide and withdrawing the axis pin. The USP was originally built around the. Other variants of the standard USP include the USP TacticalUSP ExpertUSP Match vix options implied volatility, USP Elite and the standard sidearm of the German Armed Forces Bundeswehr —the P8.

One of the unique features of the USP is the wide variety of the trigger styles available, which may be quickly swapped. There are nine commercially available modifications called "variants" by HK. The rear of the USP grip is stepped, and combines well with the tapered magazine to allow for rapid reloading. Finger recesses in the grip frame also aid in magazine removal. Magazines on the USP. All USP magazines will drop free of the pistol frame when the magazine release is depressed.

Also, the USP does not have a magazine lockout feature also known as a magazine disconnector. Thus, it is possible to fire a chambered round even with the magazine removed. An extended slide release lever is positioned to allow easy operation without changing the grip of the shooting hand. Almost identical to the standard USP, the Custom sport is aimed at target- and practical shooting users. The Custom Sport has a match grade barrel, match trigger and adjustable sights. The first USP Compact models appeared in Moel are scaled-down USPs, and are available in all the same cartridges as the full size version, and additionally the.

Due to the smaller size of the frame, magazines for the Compact variant may have a handgrip reminggon to better accommodate the shooter's hand. Standard flat floorplates ;ut also available for the USP Compact magazines. The USP Compact comes aslan with a bobbed hammer equipped with a flat rubber external thumb grip. This reduces possible snag from the hammer on a holster or clothing while the pistol is being drawn, but still allows the USP Compact to be cocked from a decocked position even in the absence of a spurred hammer.

This can be done since decocking the weapon does not fully drop the hammer, leaving it in a somewhat "half-cocked" state. The USP Compact cannot be cocked from a dry-fired position as ;ut hammer will be flush to the back of the slide. However, the operator could pull the trigger approximately halfway back otpion a dry-fired position to put the hammer in a half-cocked state, allowing the hammer to be fully cocked with the thumb.

A spurred hammer, similar to the one that comes as standard on the P10, can be installed onto the USP Compact. USP Compact models lack o;tion mechanical recoil reduction system of the larger full sized USP pistols. Instead, a more iption recoil buffering system is composed of a polymer bushing, around the captive recoil spring, which is designed to absorb energy at the end of the slide's travel rearward. In addition to the variants previously described for remingtln full size USP, an ambidextrous safety is available from the manufacturer as a separate part.

After installation, the USP Optioh effectively becomes a right or left-handed firearm with respect to the decocker and manual safety functions. The USP Tactical 9mm Parabellum. A unique feature of the USP Tactical is that the barrel is left-hand threaded counter-clockwise to tightenwhich makes the pistol incompatible with suppressors designed for the MK23 Mod 0. Features include an extended threaded o-ring barrel with polygonal bore profile and taller sights enabling use of sound suppressors.

These two features may hinder the use of holsters designed for standard USPC pistols. Standard USPC barrels do not feature the o-ring. The USP CT is. The USP Expert also retains the USP match trigger. It also features an extended steel slide, which mostly hides the longer O-ring barrel and adds weight to help reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil even further. The Expert has adjustable target sights similar to the USP Match, Assian, and Tactical, however the slide differs in that the rear sight seat has been milled lower.

The Jet Funnel magazines are clear plastic and hold 18 rounds for 9mm, and 16 rounds for. The jet funnel magazine can be used without the jet funnel installed and will protrude slightly from the bottom of asian put option model 8 remington magazine well. However, once the jet funnel is installed, only jet funnel magazines can be used. Asian put option model 8 remington standard USP magazines will not work as the funnel will impede them from fully inserting in the grip and locking into place.

The bobbed hammer was a factory option for the Expert if it was to be used in IPSC for the Standard Pt, as the original version "in its ready condition" did not fit the box for Standard division in IPSC. This weight is said to provide a recoil counterbalance to aid in asian put option model 8 remington tracking. It was discontinued in The Elite also includes higher-profile fully adjustable front and rear sights. Certain models of this gun also have a slightly longer slide release, or have the mechanism itself moved further toward the grip, for increased comfort.

The Elite is slightly more accurate, but longer and somewhat hard to carry for uniformed personnel. Most USP Elite models are used as target pistols and can be found in many competitions. The USP has an accessory rail at the front of the frame that allows for attachments of aftermarket equipment like laser sights and weapon lights. The rail is of proprietary design versus the more common picatinny pht so equipment options are limited when compared to other tactical pistols.

If someone wanted specialty equipment added to their USP, they would have to hire a specialized gunsmith to complete the work. Red dots sights are becoming increasingly popular in today's shooting industry. The Hk USP is remingon of the first firearms to be custom modified by a gunsmith to accept such aftermarket accessories. As the USP was developed at the same time as the SOCOM MK23the pistol underwent much of the same rigorous testing. The barrel is cold-forged from chromium steel for increased life.

USP barrels post use a polygonal profilewhereas and earlier models utilize traditional 'land and grooves' rifling. During testing, a bullet was deliberately lodged in a USP barrel. Another cartridge was then fired into the obstructing bullet. The second bullet cleared the barrel, resulting in a barely noticeable bulge.

The pistol was then fired for accuracy and the resulting group measured less than 4 inches at 25 meters. These temperature tests were continually repeated with no adverse effects on the USP. Water immersion and salt spray also presented no problems. German Navy combat divers have used the USP for two years without any signs of corrosion. These included dropping a USP with a primed cartridge and decocked hammer on a variety of hard surfaces without discharging. The USP surpassed these commercial requirements, as well as German Army and police tests, including repeated drop tests from six feet 1.

Proof round firing resulted in no cracks, deformations, or increase in head space. Attempts to fire the USP pistol with an unlocked breech proved unsuccessful. Testing with a variety of ammunition proved the USP meets these high standards. During the USP testing phase, it was shown the recoil-reduction system reduces the force on the USP grip to approximately newtons 67 pounds-force. Peak force shock on competing. Reduction of peak shock forces also contributes to softer recoil for the shooter, although these "felt recoil" values are much more subjective.

The USP was adopted in Germany by the Bundeswehr German armed forces as the P8 in The P8 has a traditional lands-and-grooves barrel instead of a polygonal barrel. Customs Service's Office of Investigations, into the U. New duty pistols were eventually issued to the HSI Special Agents when the new pistol contracts were awarded by DHS.

According to the company, the LEM trigger allows for faster follow-up shots repeat shots on target than a standard double-action-only modell, due to a lighter trigger pull 7. The LEM trigger utilizes a two-piece "pre-cocked hammer" composed of a cocking piece and an external hammer. Asian put option model 8 remington hammer is pre-cocked rmeington a round is chambered slide is cycled.

The LEM system supposedly also provides for more reliable primer ignition, since it utilizes a stronger hammer spring. In addition, the USP Compact pistol can retain its MarketWatch Day Trading Is Done but Its Not Dead safety even with the LEM trigger—making it the only modified double-action pistol with an external safety. A German Navy boarding team member assigned to the frigate FGS Augsburg F provides security with a P8 pistol for the asian put option model 8 remington of his team as they board a local cargo ship by fast rope to conduct a search of the vessel.

German Bundeswehr soldiers using a G36 rifle and a HK P8 in a military exercise. Ophion from the original on Retrieved January 19, Department of Homeland Security. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 14 November Archived from the original on 14 July Current Australian Defence Force individual weapons and cartridges. Blaser 93 Tactical 2. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Rremington Policy. Detachable box magazine ; capacities:. Patridge, "3-dot" type; adjustable rear on TacticalMatch and Expert. Australia Australian Federal Police Air Security Officers [3] [22] Western Australia Police Tactical Response Group.

Remington Model 8

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