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Foreign exchange plays a vital role in foreign trade and business as products or services bought in a foreign country must be paid for using that country's currency. Foreign exchange rates between different currency pairs show the rates at which one currency will be exchanged for another. Forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another.

It's one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, with different currencies constantly being exchanged as individuals, companies and organisations conduct global business. The forex market is not based in a central location or exchange, so it's open 24 hours a day from Sunday night through to Friday night. Foreign exchange trading enables you to take advantage of rate fluctuations across a wide range of currencies.

You speculate on whether the price of one country's currency will rise or fall against the currency of another country, and take a position accordingly. When trading forex, you always speculate on whether the price of the base currency will rise or fall against the counter currency. Alternatively, if you think AUD will fall against USD or that USD will rise against AUDyou go short sell the currency pair. If the trade went against you, however, you would make a loss.

It's important to remember when looking at forex that a higher currency makes a country's exports more expensive for other countries, while making imports cheaper. A lower currency makes exports cheaper and imports more expensive, so foreign exchange rates play a significant part in determining the trading relationship between two countries. There are a variety of factors at play in this relationship and they all contribute in some way to whether the strength of a currency declines or improves in relation to another.

Understanding the influencing factors gives traders insights they can incorporate into their forex trading strategies. Some of these factors include political stability, interest rates, inflation, terms of trade, public debt and current account deficits. For example, in the case of interest rates, if rates are higher, lenders get a better return compared to those in a country with lower rates; therefore the higher rates attract foreign capital which causes the exchange rate to rise. This is one of the reasons forex traders may look to trade on forex capital trading australia country rate announcements from central banks like the US Federal Reserve or the Bank of England.

The factors mentioned above can also cause a currency to decline. For example, the currency of a country with low inflation will generally rise because that country's purchasing power is higher relative to other currencies. Political instability and poor economic performance can also have a negative impact on a currency. Politically stable countries with robust economic performance will always be more appealing to foreign investors, so these countries will draw investment away from countries characterised by more economic or political risk.

Furthermore, a country showing a sharp decline in economic performance will experience a loss of confidence in its currency and a movement of capital to currencies of more economically steady countries. These are just two simple examples of what can affect foreign exchange rates and the kind of things traders consider when developing forex trading strategies.

You can trade forex using leverage, which allows you to increase your potential profit. Please note that leveraged trading can also increase your potential loss. Since forex is traded on margin, you only have to deposit a percentage of the full amount you wish to trade. Our margins start from 0. When trading on margin it's important to remember that your profits or losses are based on the full value of the position, not just the percentage you deposited, so you can lose more than your initial deposit.

Some of the main benefits of forex trading that make this asset class a popular choice among traders are: - The ability to trade on margin using leverage. They may even choose to specialise in just a few select currency pairs, investing a lot of time in understanding the numerous economic and political factors that move those currencies. This website uses cookies to improve your forex capital trading australia country and access our trading platform.

You can manage cookies in your browser settings or continue to use the site as normal. Investing in CMC Markets derivative products carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. You could lose more than your deposits. You do not own, or have any interest in, the underlying assets. We recommend that you seek independent advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. Spreads may widen dependent on liquidity and market volatility.

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How do I start trading with CMC Markets Stockbroking? How do I do a one-off sale? How do I pay for my shares? What is your brokerage? Can I trade my margin loan with you? Share Foreign exchange, also known as forex or FX, refers to the world's many currencies, and the foreign exchange market is where these different currencies are traded. What is forex trading? Base and counter currency Foreign exchange trading enables you to take advantage of rate fluctuations across a wide range of currencies.

How does forex trading work? What causes one currency in a forex pair to strengthen? What causes one currency in a forex pair kunci sukses forex 0 pip decline? What is margin or leverage? Forex capital trading australia country are the benefits of forex trading? Access our full range of markets, trading tools and features. Open a live account. Try CFD trading with virtual funds in a risk-free environment.

Open a demo account. Open a stockbroking account. Access our full range of stockbroking products, share trading tools and features. Open a CFD trading account. Access our full range of products, CFD trading tools and features.

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